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The EYFS 2 year progress check and the integrated review process

There are two different reviews in Barnsley.

One is a health review for children ages 2 to 2.5 years and is carried out by your health visitor or by a child development practitioner. The other is an educational review and is carried out by the child's nursery or childminder. Please note the educational review will only apply if your child’s attends an early years setting

The 2 to 2.5 year health review is referred to as The ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire)

The education review is referred to as the EYFS 2 Year Progress Check

The reviews, or checks, both look at how the child is developing;

  • Physically 
  • Socially 
  • Emotionally 
  • and looks at their communication and language. 

What is an EYFS 2 Year Progress Check?

In this section you will find out about the EYFS 2 year progress check and also the process in Barnsley for an integrated review meeting. 

The EYFS 2 year progress check helps parents, carers and practitioners to:

  • recognise children's progress.
  • understand their needs.
  • to plan activities.
  • support their future learning.

The progress check provides a snapshot of the child’s progress in the following areas:

  • Personal, Social & Emotional development
  • Communication & Language
  • Physical Development

In Barnsley all early years settings are asked to send copies of all completed EYFS 2 year progress checks via secure email to BMBC. This information is then sent via secure email to the Health Visiting Team. It is part of the child's electronic health record. The health visitor/child development practitioner will read and consider the information contained in the EYFS 2 year progress check received from the early years setting.

What is the Healthy Child Programme?

The Healthy Child Programme is for all children and families.

The Healthy Child Programme 2 to 2.5 year review or ASQ is a health review which looks at a child’s physical development as well a social and emotional wellbeing.

It shows a child's strengths as well as areas where they may need support. Health Professionals will use all this information to assess if child is making progress as they should be.

What if I've got a concern about my child's progress?

If you have any concerns about your child’s development you can talk to the health visiting team on 01226 774411.

If your child is attending a childcare setting you could also raise your concerns with their key person, the setting manager or special educational needs coordinator.

The Integrated 2 Year Review.

Where progress is less than expected then an integrated review meeting might be needed.

A health professional and practitioner from the early years setting will meet with the parent or carer to discuss concerns and how the child might be supported.

Meetings are particularly appropriate for children where there are other agencies involved with the child such as a family support worker or paediatrician

In this case other agencies might also be present at the Integrated Review.

The review requires health and early years practitioners to combine their knowledge with that of the parents, and to work together to support each child and their family.

Recording the Integrated Review Meeting

A record of the Integrated Review meeting will be documented in a clear action plan that can be retained in the child's Red Book (Health Record).

The action plan will:

  • Recognise parents' in-depth knowledge of their child by incorporating their observations and comments
  • Be clear and easy to read
  • Be easy to understand, avoiding unfamiliar jargon, acronyms or terminology (with interpretation and translation available where appropriate)
  • Present a truthful yet sensitive reflection of what the child can do and their achievements to date
  • Identify areas where the child is progressing at a slower pace than expected
  • Provide clarity about what will be done to support the child's development in these areas, and by whom, and say when the impact of any additional support will be reviewed
  • Reflect the child's individual personality and characteristics

The setting practitioner and the health professional will make sure that any actions or referrals have been completed and review the progress that the child is making.

A copy of the completed Integrated Review meeting action plan is retained by parents, health professionals and the early years setting.

If you have any questions about these assessments you should discuss them with your health visitor or early years setting.


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