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Early Help and Family Centres

 What is Early Help?

Every family can go through tough times at some point. Early Help means someone working with you and your family so that any small problems do not become bigger problems.

Early Help is available for everybody from pre-birth up to 19 years (or 25 if the young person has a disability).

We want all children and young people in Barnsley to be able to enjoy a happy, safe and healthy childhood and fulfil their potential. 

How to get Early Help

The best way to get help is to talk to a professional that knows you already, such as a GP, teacher, family support worker, school nurse, health visitor or early intervention and prevention worker. They will be able to talk to you about what help you may need and how to gain it.

For children, young people and families who would benefit from Family Centre targeted services.

You should follow these steps:

1. Fill in a "Request for Early Help" form that you can get in the downloads box to the right of this page or collect a copy in person from your local Family Centre.

Alternatively a professional can complete and submit the form on your behalf.

2. Email the completed form to – or take it to your local Family Centre, who will securely email it for you.

What happens next?

Your request will be reviewed at the weekly Early Help Panel which is made up of professionals who have the knowledge and skills to get you the best support available.

They may suggest groups in our centres, parenting classes or 1:1 with a Family Support Worker.

 You will usually be told of the outcome the same day.  If you have been allocated a Family Support Worker they will aim to contact you within a week.


Early Help for Young People

We want all young people to fulfil their potential, to be safe, resilient and have strong families that support them through their teenage years.

Our Targeted Youth Support Service brings together a range of agencies who work together to help young people who are taking risks or experiencing difficulties get back on the right path. Support may be needed at any point in a person’s life and families may need help in making positive changes. Through early help or the early identification of an issue, we can offer a range of support to prevent problems from getting worse.

The service supports children and young people from 8-19 (and those up to 25 with additional needs) and is made up of staff from Barnsley Council, NHS, Lifeline, South Yorkshire Police and the Probation Service, working together to support young people to make a positive transition into adulthood.

What is IKIC?

"I Know I Can" builds confidence; creating dreams and aspirations; raising qualification levels; strengthening life skills; using help and support; taking ownership and developing a real "I Know I Can" attitude.

I Know I Can (IKIC) Centres

Athersley, Newstead Road, Athersley North, S71 3NA

Cudworth, Snydale Road, S72 8JR

Dearne, Goldthorpe Green, S63 9EJ

Penistone, High Street, S36 6BS

Town Centre, O Zone, Barnsley Football Club, Oakwell Stadium, Grove Street, S71 1ET

Wombwell, Barnsley Road, S73 8HT.

Family Centres and Early Help

Family Centres provide services for children pre-birth up to 19 years (or 25 years if the young person has a disability) with a variety of activities, groups, classes and funded childcare to local families.

Family Centres bring together professionals from a range of services in each local area including schools, police, social care, private and voluntary sector and some adult services. Services delivered will vary in each area depending on the needs of families and the wider community.

Early help services that are provided through the Family Centres are:

• Supporting children to be ready for school and thrive in school

• Support for parents and carers to develop their parenting skills

• Supporting parents and carers to develop personal skills, access training and education and enhance their ability to access employment

• How parents and carers can keep children safe

• Helping children to reach their full potential

• Encouraging the development of healthy lifestyles for children

• Supporting families to build on their own strengths

Parenting Programmes in Family Centres

Parenting Education Programmes in Family Centres

Parenting doesnt come with a manual so there may be times when you need help and support around your relationship with your child/children and family or to help you to manage their behaviour in a positive way.

Our parenting programmes are carefully chosen to support you as parents and carers to reach your full potential and help your child/children to reach theirs.

Further information about our range of programmes can be found below:

Solihull "Understanding Your Child":

This course supports you to explore how your child develops and behaves. Solihull helps you understand more about why your child behaves a certain way when they are angry, having trouble with sleeping or behavioural difficulties. It aims to improve better communication and improve family relationships.

Solihull is suitable for all parents and carers of children aged 6 months to 18 years.

The course is 10 weekly sessions of 2 hours.

Talking Teens

Talking Teens focuses on the difficulties and changes teenagers go through during this developmental phase. The course will increase your knowledge on teenage development; give you practical advice and strategies in areas such as setting boundaries, as well as improving communication skills to help build stronger bonds with your teen.

Talking teens is a great opportunity to meet other parents and carers facing the same challenges, as well as sharing your experiences.

This programme is suitable for all parents and carers of children at secondary school, 11 years plus.

The course is 4 weekly sessions of 2 hours.

Webster Stratton Incredible Years

The course aims to give parents and carers new ideas and ways for dealing with children’s behaviour— the ‘everyday’ issues which all parents and carers face, and more serious behavioural issues.  Webster Stratton focuses on encouraging strong relationships through play, praise, positive attention and setting boundaries.

The ‘Webster Stratton: Incredible Years’ programme is a course for parents and carers of primary school aged children.

The course is 10 weekly sessions 2 hours.

Sleep Tight Workshops

If your child is having sleep issues it can affect all areas of their development including their emotional, physical and mental health. We have workers trained within our Family Centres that can help put strategies in place to help your child  have a better nights sleep.

Sleep Tight Workshop is suitable for parents and carers with children over 12 months old.

The course is 5 weekly sessions 2 hours.

How do I book?

You will need to contact the Family Centres for dates and times of courses.

All courses run at different times and venues across Barnsley.

Please note: Some courses may have a waiting list but if you can travel you may be able to join a course at a different Family Centre

Family Support in Family Centres

 Family support workers offer practical information, advice and support to you and your family.

1 to 1 support is available from our team of family support workers for families who might need extra support to solve some problems they may be facing.

 The role of the family support worker may include:

• Supporting health and development needs of your child

• Support with parenting skills

• Help with issues around finance and debt

• Support around physical and mental health issues, disabilities and learning difficulties.

• Support for families who are/have experienced domestic violence and abuse

• Help to get back into training and employment

• Help with social isolation

 Every families’ needs and circumstances are different; so the Family Support Worker will work with you to so that the support they give will meet the needs of you and your family.

 The Family Support Worker will talk to your child/ren to make sure they understand how they are feeling and anything they think they want some help with.

 Together you will agree what to write down so that there is a record of what you have talked about.

 What happens next?

 Every family is different so you will make a plan with the Family Support Worker to sort out the problems you are experiencing. You might want to meet with other people who might be able to help. This is called a team around the family (TAF) meeting. These are just examples. You can say what you think will help you and your family.

 The family support workers work with you and other professionals such as health workers, schools, etc. (Some of these you may already know and be involved with already), so that they can offer the right support and progress can be made.

The action plan you agree on will be reviewed regularly with you, to ensure your needs are being met and the situation is getting better and not worse.

 Family Support Workers are open and honest with you and your family and will always maintain professional standards, legislation and confidentiality.

 There may be times when your Family Support Worker to has to share information without your permission. This includes:

 • If they think your child is at risk of harm

 • If they think an adult is at risk of harm

 • If they think the information could help prevent or detect a serious crime

Where is your nearest Family Centre?

Family Centres are open 09.00 - 16.30.

All activities are FREE but they may ask for a small voluntary donation.

Darfield, School Street, S73 9EU • Phone: (01226) 753366

Thurnscoe, Station Road, Thurnscoe S63 OJR • Phone: (01226) 775885

Grimethorpe, c/o Milefield Primary, Grimethorpe S72 7BH • Phone: (01226) 715127

Athersley, Lindhurst Road, Athersley North, S71 3NB • Phone: (01226) 296969

Kendray and Worsbrough, Overdale Avenue, Worsbrough Dale S70 4BD • Phone: (01226) 294604

Dearne, Billingley View, Bolton on Dearne S63 8ES • Phone: (01709) 890303

Jump, Church Street S74 0HZ • Phone: (01226) 747082

Wombwell, Bondfield Close, Wombwell S73 8TX • Phone: (01226) 273240

Lundwood, Littleworth Lane, S71 5RG • Phone: (01226) 248564

Worsbrough Common, c/o Worsbrough Common Primary, Bruce Avenue S70 4EB • Phone: (01226) 289989

Outreach Sites and Community Venues. (Some classes and activities may be available at these venues. Contact Family centres for time table.)

Monk Bretton, c/o Burton Road Primary S71 2AA

Cudworth, c/o Birkwood Primary, Darfield Road, Cudworth, S72 8HG

Darton, The Darton Centre, Huddersfield Road S75 5ND

Hoyland Common, Shefield Road S74 0DJ

Stairfoot c/o Hunningley Primary, Stairfoot S70 3DT

Penistone, c/o The Resource Centre, Church Street S36 6AR

Royston, Meadstead Drive S71 4JS

Wilthorpe, Greenfoot Lane S75 1AQ.



Families Fun Project in Family Centres

The Family Fun Project focuses on families having fun together and making memories through exciting activities such as Den Building, Glow Parties, Yoga and much more.

All of the sessions are run by enthusiastic and friendly staff from your local Family Centres, in Family centres and in the community.

 This is suitable for families with children ages between 5 – 11 years old but older and younger siblings can come along with parents/carers, grandparents and other close family members.

The course is 12 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours each   

How do I book?

 All courses run at different times and venues in Barnsley

 Booking is essential and this can be done by contacting your local Family Centre or by contacting Steph on 07393763111 

 Please note: That some of the courses may have a waiting list but if you can travel you may be able to join a course at a different Family centre.


Barnsley Family Centres Parent Policies


Please click here for a link to our Family Centre Policies for Parents 2019/2020

(You will find them in a drop-down box at the bottom of the - Family Centre page)

What's on in Family Centres?

Family Centres are a great way to spend time with your family and meet others.

They are run by enthusiastic and friendly professionals and are a great way to play, learn and have fun.

Activities at Family Centres do vary but they can include:

  • Family fun sessions
  • Stay and play groups
  • Arts and crafts
  • Cooking
  • Family learning
  • Health sessions
  • Dance and movement groups
  • Information and advice
  • Funded childcare for 2,3 and 4 year olds
  • Seasonal activities
  • Baby massage
  • Weaning help and advice

Take a look at what's on in your local Family Centre this term using the "What's on Guides" in the downloads box to the right of the page.

Having a Baby Programme

This programme is run by Midwives, Family Centres, Health Visitors and Infant feeding service.  Sessions are suitable for any mum or partner-to-be and are run in community bases. Sessions are held at different times including in the evening and at weekends. The programme is four 2 hour sessions.

 Most of the information is specific to the services offered in Barnsley it is not suitable for women who do not live in Barnsley.

The course includes:

• Baby’s development throughout pregnancy

• Keeping both you and your baby healthy in pregnancy

• What makes a good parent?

• Active Birth, top tips for labour

• Coping skills for labour

• Practical tips for life with a new baby including bathing, nappy changing, handling your baby

• Infant feeding

• Baby’s brain development

• Safe sleeping

• Tips for coping with a crying baby and what to expect in the early weeks

To book a place, email the details below to or phone the Jump Family Centre 01226 748805 or 07717720515 and ask to speak to the ‘Having a Baby’ team.

We need to know:

• Your name

• Your date of birth

• Your telephone number

• Your email address (If you use this)

• Your address and postcode

• The date your baby is due

Once this information is received we will send you an invitation to the ‘Having a Baby’ programme in your area, either by return email (if used) or by post.  

Early booking is essential.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect from a Family Support Worker?

 A: When a Family Support Worker starts to work with you and your family they will talk with you about the problems you are having. They will ask what help and support you think you might need. This is called and Early Help Assessment (EHA).

 Q: What is an Early Help Assessment (EHA)?

A: An Early Help Assessment (EHA) is nothing to be worried about. It’s just a chat to work out how to help you stop small problems turning into big problems. You can talk about things that are going well and things that you are proud of as well as things that you are finding a challenge.

Q: How often will see my Family Support Worker?

A: Your Family Support Worker will make regular visits to your home and to work with you and your family. This may include working directly with your child or young person. Sometimes this can take place in school or another venue where your child feels comfortable.

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