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Barnsley Safe Places

Barnsley Safe Places

We want people to feel safe when they’re out and about in Barnsley. 

We’ve developed a scheme called Barnsley Safe Places, with the police and local businesses. You can use the scheme to get help if you feel unsafe.  You can go to a Safe Place if you’re lost, have somebody harassing you, or feel worried for another reason. 

Who can use Safe Places?

The Safe Places scheme is for anyone who might feel vulnerable when they’re out and about.

How it works

When you’re out and about, look for the Safe Places window sticker shown on this page. It will be displayed in public buildings, shops and businesses that are signed up to the scheme.

If you need help, you can go into any of these places and tell staff you need a safe place. They'll contact your family or carer to come and help. You can stay there until you feel better. 

How to join

You can register for the scheme by filling in our online form. You can still use the scheme if you haven’t yet registered. Once you’ve registered, we'll keep you up-to-date on events and let you know of any new Safe Places.

Where to find Safe Places

You can email the Barnsley Safe Places Team for an updated list of shops and businesses, who are registered with the Barnsley Safe Places Scheme.

Visit AccessAble to find out it a place is accessible.

If you’re visiting a place outside Barnsley, it’s worth checking online if they're part of a Safe Places scheme. Just put the name of the town and the words ‘safe places scheme’ in your search. Nearby Safe Places include Wakefield, Sheffield and Leeds.

How to become a Safe Place

Shops and business in the Barnsley area can become Safe Places by emailing us to ask for details. We’ll visit your premises and give advice and training as part of the scheme.

Reporting hate and harassment

If you’ve felt harassed, or have experienced a hate crime, find out how to report hate and harassment.

For safeguarding concerns please call Adult Social Services on (01226) 773300.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Anthony Carr
Contact Position
Barnsley Engagement Officer

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Last updated on 01/07/2021
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