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Local Offer Feedback 2015

Local Offer Feedback


You said: I would like a separate section about short breaks that tells you what each one does and an on-line application form. An explanation for each one would be useful so that we can choose which one would be best and put it on the application form.

Our plans: We agree. We are currently working with the BMBC web team on a complete page re-fresh. Work will start in April 2016 and the new page will include a separate Short Break section

You said: A flowchart of the process for short breaks would be really useful so we don’t have to read all of the writing, sometimes pictures are better.

Our plans: Good idea. We will include this in the new Short Break section mentioned above

You said: The information isn’t presented in a very colourful way; it doesn’t really make me want to read it.

Our Plans: We agree. In the page re-fresh we will make sure the information is presented in a brighter, fresher way which is pleasing to the eye.

You said: Can we have the Aiming high newsletters on there so we can read old ones again or new people can see them? /  I have only had 1 newsletter because I have only just signed up for them but I would like to read the old ones, having them online would be good and I can catch up when I have a minute or two

Our Plans: Yes, we can do this and we will start work on it straight away

You said: The disability register ought to be online so we can sign up to it on there, I don’t really do post!

Our plans: We agree. We will work with the web team to create an online registration form to make this happen

You said: I am new to this and haven’t looked yet, but other parents have told me the sorts of things I can find on it, I think I will use it more as my son gets older.

Our plans: There is information available for all age groups of children, but we have taken this on board and will work with the web team to make the categories more obvious

You said: I used it to find support groups for parents of children with Autism, it would have been easier for me if there was a separate section for ‘support’ because I had to do a lot of clicking but I found it and the info was good

Our plans: We agree. The page re-fresh will include a review of the categories, which will include a section which is specifically for ‘support’

You said: I like how things are organised in ages but now that children go to school at 4 you don’t always know whether to look in the 0-5 or the 5-11 years group. Maybe a pre-school, primary, secondary, 16+ section would be more useful?

Our plans: When we review the categories we will look at the titles for each age group which will make things easier for parents/carers to find what they are looking for

You said: I find the ‘things to do’ section useful for my older child but I do wonder how regularly the information is updated, could it have a date on it ?

Our plans: We plan to have a ‘page last updated’ feature by the end of January 2016


Young People

You said: Can we have a section just for us, where there are links to you tube about things we are interested in – like skateboarding, football and that?

Our Plans: Good idea. We will work with the web team to make this happen

You said: It’s a bit boring. The stuff would be better if it was done like a cartoon strip or something; I would read that but not really in a big paragraph

Our plans: we will look at this with the web team and look to make the information within the young people’s section more engaging for you


If you would like to provide feedback on the Local Offer please email or phone 0800 0345 340

If you would like to complete a paper copy of the feedback form, please click on the useful downloads on the right hand side of this page. Please note that this is not an online application. You can print a copy off and post to the address below, or save a copy and email it to the email above

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BMBC Corporate Mailroom

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