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Barnsley Threshold Descriptors for SEND - Early Years

Where a child has a significantly greater difficulty in learning than their peers, or a disability that prevents a child from making use of the facilities in the setting and requires special educational provision, the setting should make that provision. The Barnsley Threshold Descriptors are therefore intended to outline that provision. In making such provision, settings are expected to draw on their “normally available resources”.

The Threshold Descriptors

The descriptors are set out in the useful downloads section. They indicate provision that the Local Authority expects settings to make for early years children who have:

 * Moderate and Severe Learning Difficulties

 * Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

 * Behaviour, Emotional and Social Development (BESD)

 * Autistic Spectrum Disorders

 * Visual Impairment

 * Hearing Impairment

 * Physical Impairment

 * Communication and Language Difficulties

 In each area, the descriptors give information about the LA’s expectations in terms of:

- assessment, planning and review

- teaching environment and grouping

- curriculum and teaching methods

- resources

The descriptors will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Local Offer

Last updated on 09/08/2019
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