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Darfield Family Centre Nursery

Darfield Family Centre Nursery was rated Outstanding at its last OFSTED Inspection.

It offers a high quality learning environment which is tailored to meet childrens individual and specific needs. We ensure all children's interests are observed, voiced and used when planning and setting up provision to ensure we are current and to ensure we are supporting interesting ways of delivering and teaching lots of play based activities.

We maintain excellant partnerships with parents/cares and children make rapid progress and attain essential skills to support thier future aspirations. 

We offer a daily tooth brushing club which children enjoy brushing their teeth and learning the importance of keeping clean.

We offer healthy snacks and follow children's independence to help them build upon their physical skills, children enjoy self service of fresh fruit and salad bar, they enjoy cutting and buttering a wide variety of breads, crackers and cheese and they enjoy sitting and setting up the table so we can all sit together and promote language.

We also fully support Toilet training and offer a free pant pack when children are ready to use the toilet.

The nursery promotes Children's creativity through movement, music and art which children love to join in both indoors and outdoors. We provide wet suits for our nursery garden and children have a fun time outside with a variety of play opportunities such as the mud kitchen, planting and den building areas.  

Darfield Family Centre offer childcare for funded 2,3 and 4 year olds. The session times are listed below and the Centre is located on School Street, Darfield.

We offer support with applying for FREE childcare and applying for school places, please call in at any time and we are always available to help.

for further information and a prospectus please contact the Centre via email, phone or by calling in to see us.


Who to contact



Our Aims:

We aim to provide and extend a family first approach offering all families opportunities to thrive!

Our continuous learning experiences build on, support and challenge children’s creativity and imagination so there natural learning blossoms.  

We believe that Learning comes natural when children are given the right environment and opportunities to discover the world around them.    

Where to go

Darfield Family Centre
School Street
S73 9EU

Parking is limited

Other Details


Childcare Places are all funded


Other notes


We offer term time short break placements please contact the Family Centre on 01226 753366 for further details 

Childcare Information

Age Range

2 years,0 months
5 years,6 months


Immediate vacancies
For information on availability please contact the Family Centre direct on 01226 753366. Funded places are available for either morning or afternoon sessions.

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer


There are two trained Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) at the Family Centre who support the childcare provision in providing Early Help and support to all Families.

We have strong partnership links with other proffessions, settings and services to provide a fountain of support if and when required.

We offer term time shorbreack access that is unique to Darfield Family Centre, please contact the Centre for further details.

We offer a wide variety of communication friendly spaces to encourage a cosy area for children to rest and find a quiet spot in our large Nursery Environment.


Schools Extended Local Offer Response

How do we offer support to children or young people with a special educational need or disability?

The Nursery at Darfield has two named SEN support workers , they work actively with families right from the start to ensure the setting is fully supportive of their child's physical, emotional and developmental needs. We begin by offer robust transition processes with a home visiting procedure in which provides us with a personal approach to up to date knowledge of the child and family and allows the child to meet us and see a familiar face when attending the setting. We like to collect family pictures so children can look at these during sessions and share them with friends.

1:1 support is available through additional funding schemes that can be applied for if this is identified as a need to support the development of children in which we will complete. We offer a wide variety of activities during sessions that supports communication, physical and personal, social and emotional development individual to the child. We also offer extra support in how to help at home if this is needed, children will take part in home projects and each half term they will have an interest based activity which is part of their development to meet next steps in learning in a fun filled way. These are encouraged to be brought back into Nursery and will be displayed for children to recognise their achievements.

We offer Early Help support to families if this is identified as support.

The centre offers ShortBreaks places during term time weeks.

Robust tracking enables each child's keyperson to have an in-depth knowledge of their developmental stage and next steps this  will support in challenging learning or referring and signposting to other services if needed. All information is shared with parents/carers on a daily basis and key people are on site if you wish to discuss any information. All Practitioners are on hand every day to discuss and speak with parents/carers, learning journals of children's development are available to view and look at upon request.

We offer parent chats each half term for children with SEN so we can work together to review plans and set new targets.

 We ensure that we support the safe and well-being of every child accessing our provision and we work with parents/carers to build up a sound knowledge of their child’s/children’s interests, likes, dislikes and how they like to be comforted. We support children’s dietary requirements and medical health through all of  our policies and procedures. We keep a track and know our children's learning to notice any changes or patterns that may need to be explored in order to support their wellbeing.

We have set routines within Nursery that allows children to be involved in a variety of learning opportunities from large and small group time to 1:1 time and then during free flow giving them opportunities to choose where to play and allows them to showcase their interests. Key people can then record, observe and capture learning. We have robust planning systems that offer both individualised next steps to learning as well as objective group learning which places children in groups where more children will require the same next steps. The environment is then set out to encourage and meet these needs.

The setting works with the Early Years Framework and is committed to ensuring each child is equipped for their future learning. We aim to liaise effectively with local Schools to ensure a positive and informative transition takes place on an individualised basis.

Practitioners are given the opportunity to meet on a weekly basis with the SENCO to discuss any further support . From here we can plan and intervene early to ensure each individual child meeting their next steps no matter how small. This is supported via induvial plans that breaks down learning in order to ensure each steps are specific and measurable.

The setting provides information via the Facebook page but also we send out half term newsletters and half term home learning sheets. Photos of children learning and developing at home is encouraged and will be displayed in the entrance and in photo books to encourage children communication and group discussions. This is always linked to the planning and children's next steps.

Parent feedback is welcomed and encouraged at all times.

What specialist training, experience and expertise do we have relevant to children with special educational needs and disabilities?

Family support drop in service is available every Tuesday from 11am until 1pm, families can drop in for any advice and support if they wish.


We offer high quality trained staff that can support the curriculum from a well throughout environment that is set out to meet the needs and interests of all our children. We value children to have a voice and allow them to choice their own activities from their interests.


The setting has two trained SENCO's and they will  attend up to date training and network meetings on a regular basis and refresh any new training that is required of this role.


The whole staff team will be trained specific to the needs of the child in order for us to support and for when they start in Nursery, staff in setting are specifically trained in Makaton and have attend Autism awareness courses. All staff receive up to date basic training around Early Help and supporting children with SEN.


All staff are 'Welcomm' trained

How accessible is our setting?

The centre is on one level and is fully accessible for all children and families, the setting is adaptable to individual needs and the lay out of the nursery provision reflects the needs of children accessing.

The environment provides continue provision for children to access, this will include a wide range of open ended resources and specialised resources in order to support all our children. Funding streams can be accessed for more specialised equipment.

Last updated on 07/06/2021
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