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Barnsley Safe Places

What are Safe Places?

This is a scheme that provides places you can go if you need help to contact a friend or carer when you are in public and feel unsafe.

A Safe Place is a shop, business or public building that has signed up to  Barnsley Safe Places

A Safe Place should have a quiet area for you to sit. Staff have been trained to be able to help you contact the people you need.

Who are Safe Places for?

The scheme now provides support to all people who may feel unsafe or unsure when they are out and about.

If you have a relative or friend that likes to be independent but may struggle to cope with an  incident when out, encourage them to join Barnsley Safe Places

How do I use a Safe Place?

The Best way to use Barnsley Safe Places is to join.This will help staff be able to help you

As a member you get to

  • · Get a welcome pack
  • · Find out about new Safe Places
  • · Find out about Safe Places Events
  • · Get a membership contact card    

How to contact us



Barnsley Safe Places

Who to contact

Contact Name
Anthony Carr
Contact Position
Barnsley Engagement Officer

Barnsley Safe Places venues will be listed on the Barnsley Live Well site
Accessibility of venues may be found at AcessAble 

Other Details


Last updated on 07/08/2019
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