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South Yorkshire Orienteers

About South Yorkshire Orienteers

South Yorkshire Orienteers have over 200 members ranging in age from 5 to 85. There is a wide range of ability and experience within the club from beginners to elite orienteers, who represent Great Britain all over the world. We offer a friendly and informal welcome to the sport - supporting adult and junior beginners and more seasoned orienteers alike with coaching and a programme of regular events.

We run 2-3 events of varying type each month:

  • Saturday afternoon schools and newcomer series
  • Tuesday / Thursday evening event & social series
  • Sunday regional and national events (Level C & above)

The club is one of the most successful in the country. In 2015 we were awarded club of the year by the sport’s National Body for our outstanding contribution to the provision and development of orienteering.  We have finished in the top 2 of the CompassSport Cup inter-club competition almost every year since 2008 and have several British Champions amongst our membership.  Some of our junior members train with the Yorkshire and Humberside Junior Squad and GB Talent Squad.

Some of our newer members have said:

“The great thing about orienteering is that as a family we can all compete at our own level and work on our own goals.”

“One to one support is really nice - you've been really encouraging and helpful to us.”

“The children really like the whole club thing - the BBQs, the socials, the club champs, the great club kit and the atmosphere at the big events.”

“I really benefit from the regular coaching sessions.”

More than a dozen members of the club have represented Great Britain in International Competition and some club members have roles at the British Orienteering office near Matlock.

Newcomers: Starting Orienteering

If you are new to orienteering a great place to start is at one of our Saturday afternoon orienteering sessions.  These are aimed at introducing new people to the sport as well as helping people improve.  They have courses suitable for everyone, are often based around a cafe on one of our areas.  There are volunteers available to help you and at most of our Saturday events there will also be an opportunity to do an introductory session which will explain what an orienteering course is, the symbols etc. on the map and a few easy techniques to help you.

But don't think that means the orienteering courses available at any of our other events wouldn't be suitable.  Almost all of our events listed will have a course that is the right difficulty for you and vary in distance from 1 - 10+ kms.

Who to contact


New members are always welcome and enquiries should made through our contact form.

Please feel free to come along and give orienteering a go at one of our events or training sessions (see fixtures page) before joining up.

Where to go


Venues for events vary and are based across South Yorkshire. Please see our website for further information.

Other Details


We have two basic membership grades: Senior – aged 21 or older on 31 Dec of the membership year - £20.00 Junior – aged 20 or younger on 31 Dec of the membership year - £6.30 There are entry fees at events. Prices vary for each event so please see website for further details.


Referral Details

South Yorkshire Orienteers organises a range of orienteering events throughout the year. For a table of all the confirmed upcoming events please follow link:

Last updated on 25/10/2017
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