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Newsome Avenue - Short Breaks Service

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SERVICE DELIVERY HAS BEEN IMPACTED UPON BY COVID-19 - please email or the Service Manager with any questions you may have.

Who we are 

Newsome Avenue is one part of the overall Short Breaks Service provision in Barnsley.

The home provides a service to children and young people with complex health needs, life limiting conditions, physical and learning disabilities, ASD, ADHD and associated behavioural difficulties. Children and Young People accessing this specialist service are aged 5-17 years.

How to access provision at Newsome

To access the provision, an application must first be made to the Short Breaks Service. You can find more information about this here.

If a child/young person is referred for Short Breaks, a Social Worker from the Disabled Children's Team will complete an assessment prior to an application being formally made to the Specialist Allocation Panel.The panel will consider the application and determine whether it meets the criteria for Short Breaks. If so, the panel will agree a package of care for each individual based on need. Once this has been agreed, an introduction to Newsome Avenue will be arranged with the family.

What happens next?

The family is invited to look around before the child/young person attends any formal visits at Newsome.  Formal Visits will then commence in a progressive way.

"Tea-Time" Visit: The child/young person will have a number of these visits at first to acclimatise to the different environement and get to know the staff.

Day-Care Visit: Once the child/young person has settled in, they will progress to attending for visits in the day time.

Overnight Stays: These are as individual as the child and will only be considered if appropriate and based upon the package of care agreed by the Panel.

Care Plans are devised by staff who act as individual link workers to children/young people and staff support them to achieve their full potential. Children/Young People are encouraged to be involved with devising their Care Plans and also to attend CIN meetings and LAC reviews.

Please Note: Packages of Care are regularly reviewed by the panel. The home also supports a commissioned package of care from another Local Authority.

Things To Do at Newsome

There are various activities available at Newsome Avenue with play opportunities both indoors and outdoors. There is an outisde climbing frame with a slide and a disabled access swing. There is also a playroom with a wide range of toys, a football table, drum kit and ball pool. There is a range of arts and crafts materials, toys and board games. The home also offers access to electronic equipmement including TV's, X-Boxes, Playstations and Wii's inclduing a variety of games.

Staff take the children/young people on regular outings into the community to engage in activities such as shopping, bowling, visiting the seaside or going to the cinema. They also go on walks and visits to the local park. The children/young people choose which activities they would like to do and the places they would like to visit.

Staff ensure to take individual needs, medical needs and risk assessments into account at all times.

Please Note: We sometimes have to ask parents/carers for a small contribution towards pocket money for trips and days out.

Other Information

  • Dependent on their individual circumstances, the child/young person may be admitted to/discharged from the home via school. Where possible, stays can be planned to coincide with friends from school or other peers who attend Newsome. Likewise, their may be children and young people who have stays planned for different times. Careful consideration is taken with the matching process.
  • Meals and special diets/cultural requirements are catered for at Newsome. Independence is encouraged with regards to meal preperation.
  • Prescribed medication will be administered at the home in accordance with the Drugs Procedure. Staff are trained in administering rescue medication to children and young people with epilepsy.
  • Personal Hygiene is promoted and children/young people are encouraged to have a bath/shower according to their needs.
  • Any personal belongings from home are welcomed; this can make a stay more pleasant and enjoyable making it feel like a home away from home.
  • Mobile phones and electronic equipment are allowed. An 'electronics form' must be signed by the parent/carer and child/young person. They must also sign an 'E-Safety User Agreement' to state that they accept responsibility for their own items.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Diane Wharton
Contact Position

Where to go

Newsome Avenue - Short Breaks Service
35, Newsome Avenue
South Yorkshire
S73 8QS

Other Details


Places at Newsome Avenue are funded by the Short Breaks Service and must be approved by the Specialist Allocation Panel.

Local Offer


The service aims to meet the assessed needs of children, young people and their families by offering Short Breaks care by trained, caring and experienced staff in a clean, safe, comfortable and fun environment.

Non educational providers Local Offer Response

What outcomes does your service aim to achieve for children and young people with special educational needs and disability and their families?

The service offers a break to parents so they are able to 're-charge' their batteries and offers children and young people time to socialise with their peers and develop new friendships.

The unit also promotes a young person's independence and self help skills.

The unit works to care plans, medical plans, behavioural plans and risk assessments.

Children and young people have their daily needs met, their health needs met and they are supported with behavioural conditions.

Children and young people are included in a variety of activities in the unit and within the community.

How accessible is the service and facilities for those with a disability

The unit is accessible to children and young people who have been approved through the specialist allocation panel for Short Breaks.

The unit is accessible to all children and young people including those with mobility issues who may require the use of a wheelchair. 

The unit is divided in to three separate units so the needs of young people can be met in the different areas if necessary.

Future developments

All staff have a personal development plan as required by Barnsley MBC.

Staff receive refresher training in mandatory areas such as Child Protection.

They also receive training about specific conditions/areas of need if required to meet the needs of a child/young person. All sof taff are trained in specialist area's such as Gastrostomy feeding, Mic-Key button replacemen, Epilsepsy and the administration of rescue medication, Moving and Handling, First Aid at work, Emergency Aid, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Stoma Bags and Colostomy Care. The staff are also trained to use Team Teach.

The unit is currently accessed by young people from other Local Authorities, although this is closely monitored around capacity.


Governing body

The home is managed by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC). It is registered and inspected annually by Ofsted.

It has a Statement of Purpose and Children's Guide as required by Ofsted. It also has a Service Plan which is linked in to the overall Business Unit Plan.

Service Objectives are currently under review for 2019 and will be completed soon. The "Voice of the Child" is paramount. Their wishes and feelings are listened to and heard, embedded in the culture at Newsome Avenue.

The staff seek feedback from parents and carers, children and young people to ensure a needs led service. Feedback is also generated through LAC reviews, CIN meetings, Regukation 44 visits, Ofsted insoections and children/young people's meetings. Children/Young People are encouraged to speak to professionals, social workers and insoectors.

The home aims to meet the outcomes for children/young people as detailed in the Barnsley Pledge to Children and Young People in care.


Last updated on 03/03/2021
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