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PCN Barnsley Young Peoples Social Prescribing Service

What is Young People's Social Prescribing 

A social prescribing service, identifies issues young people and their families are facing, and provides a focussed and a tailor-made approach in order to help them resolve those issues. 

We will ensure young people and their families who struggle to cope with the society pressures, emotional and mental well-being, whether linked with education, physical in-activity, jobs, financial difficulties, social isolation, bullying/harassment, religion, relationship issues, family problems and like mental health issues, are shown the path to a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle and fully supported with all the help available

How do I access the service?

•Whilst the service is in developing mode, we will only be receiving referrals from GPs. Referrals will be processed in 3-5 days

•Once accepted, we will book an initial assessment lasting between 45-90 minutes, creating a customised care plan built to cater for the patient’s needs over 12 weeks with regular support and patient referred to the most relevant support service for assistance. For the benefit of the service, we will be accepting referrals for circumstances relating to low level stress/anxiety, education, financial, like mental health, housing, bullying and relationships related issues. 

Who do I contact 

To find out more about the service please contact Janie Wike, or ask your GP to refer you to access this service 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Janie Wike
Contact Position
Lead Social Prescribing Link Worker
Last updated on 22/09/2020
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