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Families Information Service: Looking for Childcare but can't find it ?

Families Information Service (FIS) offer Childcare Brokerage more commonly known as vacancy matching FREE to families and professionals..

FIS acts as a middle person, helping, advising, searching and maybe negotiating, on your behalf to help you find the childcare you need. It is available to parents and carers who have looked for suitable childcare without success, and parents and carers who find it difficult to find childcare themselves

You may find it challenging to find childcare because:

  • •you live in a small rural community where there is no childcare
  • •you need childcare for weekends or in an evening
  • •you don’t find it easy to contact the day nursery, childminder, out of school club  for yourself
  • •your child has an additional need
  • •your first choice of childcare is full

 If you contact FIS , we will ask you:

  • about your childcare needs . For example: Do your children need picking up or dropping off from a particular school?
  • •the age of the child(ren) you need childcare for and where you need it
  • •whether you or your children have any particular needs or difficulties
  • •what you have tried so far.
  • Do you need the childcare need home or near work

 We can also help :

  • •explain the childcare system and the different types of childcare available such as what the difference between a childminder and a day nursery
  • •supply up to date lists of OFSTED registered childcare in your area
  • •suggest options you might not know about including FREE childcare
  • •provide information on paying for childcare, and tips on choosing and arranging your childcare
  • •contact childcare providers  on your behalf to check for vacancies and arrange appointments for you to visit.

BMBC has a duty to ensure there is enough childcare to meet parent’s needs. When families cannot find childcare to meet their needs this is know as ‘Unmet Demand’  

Download our form to tell us if you haven’t been able to find the childcare you need. This helps BMC to look at where there are gaps in childcare and where possible support childcare business in the area to expand or encourage new childcare businesses to open up in the area .

The ‘Looking for Childcare but cant find it’ form is available on the right hand side of this page under downloads

Alternatively you can contact FIS and we will send you a questionaire . You can contact us by phone , email or by the ' I have an Enquiry 'tab at the top of the page

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