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Moving from Childrens to Adult Social Care

Preparing for adulthood

With support, most children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities can live a full and independent life. They can continue in education, find work and have a full and active social life.

When your child's in Year 9, (13/14 years old), we'll work with you to determine what help they need to support their longer-term goals and ambitions.

The Childrens Disability Team supports young people and their families throughout the period of transition to adult services. 

Before your child leaves full time education they will work with you and your family to plan how adult social services can continue to support your child in the future.

Children's transition to adult social care services

If your child has continuing social care needs, we'll work with you to plan how we can support them in the future.

Your child will need an assessment. This will tell us whether they qualify for help with their care services when they become an adult. You can read more about an adult social care assessment and what's involved. 

We also have a short leaflet for you to download about children's transition to adult care services.

Other sources of support 

You can visit the preparing for aduthood section of the Local Offer by clicking on the following link :

Transition Information Network has some useful resources for parents and disabled young people. They cover things such as activities, housing, employment, money, and participation. 

Who to contact

Moving from Childrens to Adult Social Care
Last updated on 07/07/2020
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