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Chilypep exists to help children and young people have a say in what happens in their lives and their communities.

We help young people find out and address:

  • What their issues and concerns are
  • What is important to them
  • What their views, ideas and opinions are
  • What they think should happen to make things better

Our work with young people is grounded in respect and we will always respect young people’s rights to choose how much they want to do and how involved they want to be in our projects. We work with young people as volunteers, as peer mentors, as campaigners on issues that affect them and as young commissioners to help them shape the services they need to access in their communities. If you’re a young person looking to get involved with Chilypep we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us on or call 0114 2348846 Why not find us on social media? You can get in touch with us on Facebook at or on Twitter @Chilypep

Our current projects with young people are:

Peer Mentoring: Chilypep works with young people to set up peer mentoring projects to support other young people, including mental health support and environmental projects. We currently run peer mentoring projects in Barnsley College. Influencing and campaigning: Chilypep supports young people to identify issues that are important to them and other young people and helps them take collective action to affect change.

STAMP: (Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate): a mental health action group for young people aged 14-25.

The STAMP group meet 5pm– 7pm every Monday in a city centre location. Young Commissioners: a group for young people wanting to influence services and have a say about how services should be designed and commissioned (funded) in Sheffield.

Secret Sanctuaries: Secret Sanctuaries is a partnership with The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust that aims to connect young people with undiscovered green spaces around them. The project aims to engage young people ages 11-25 with local outdoor heritage in North Sheffield and will run until August 2017.

The Recovery & Empowerment Partnership: This is a project to support and engage with young women and girls who have experienced domestic violence. A collaboration between VIDA Sheffield, Young Women’s Housing Project Sexual Abuse Service, Haven House, Ashiana and Chilypep. Chilypep runs a Service User Involvement Group for young women and girls aged 16-25 affected by domestic abuse in all of its forms.

Rubic (Respect and understanding builds inclusive communities): Working with young people in North Sheffield, the Rubic project will train and work with Young Community Leaders to help resolve community tensions between different communities, ethnic groups and nationalities and become community anchors for other young people. The project also involves a support group for young refugees and asylum seekers.

BRIGHT: This project is in partnership with The University of Sheffield to encourage children to clean their teeth and value dental hygiene in a fun, creative and engaging way. OASIS (Opening Up Awareness & Support & Influencing Services): This is Chilypep’s Barnsley-based group for young people who want to change and influence mental health services. The group meets every Thursday 5pm-7pm at Horizon college.

OASIS (Opening Up Awareness & Support & Influencing Services): This is Chilypep’s Barnsley-based group for young people who want to change and influence mental health services. The group meets every Thursday 5pm-7pm at Horizon college.

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Last updated on 05/03/2020
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