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The Combat Academy (K1 Kickboxing, Boxing, Strengh & Conditioning)

The Combat Academy headquarters Barnsley is a fully equipped fight sport & fitness gym offering classes in Kickboxing, Boxing, and Strength & Conditioning. The centre is fully matted with the top of the range 40 ml tatami mats, it features an 18ft boxing ring, a large heavy bags area a reception and seating area for parents and spectators. We also have an excellent strength & conditioning area which features some of the best training equipment available including a large CrossFit rig featuring two power racks, pull up bars and gymnastic rings tower, we also have various training tools such as Bulgarian Bags, Kettlebells, Battling Ropes, TRX, HIRTS Ropes, Plyometric Boxes, Russian Clubs, Barbells, Olympic Weights and much more.


Junior Kickboxing

Kickboxing for 8 to 12 year olds. Members in this class can expect to have fun, make new friends, build confidence, develop discipline & respect and improve their health and physical fitness.

Our Junior Kickboxing classes are perfect for any child between the ages of 8 and 12 years. Both male and female members attend these classes and the classes cater for all levels from complete beginner to more advanced Martial Artists. Our trainers are some of the UK's best and most accomplished Martial Artists and are some of the industries best at what they do. Members of this class can expect to develop skills and attributes such as confidence, discipline, respect, health and physical fitness as well as social skills and emotional resilience. 

Cadet Kickboxing

Kickboxing for teenagers. Kickboxing builds confidence, teaches discipline and helps to develop a strong work ethic and a mindset for success.

Our Cadet Kickboxing classes are targeted specifically at 13 to 17 year old males and females. You can join these classes as a complete beginner or more advanced martial artist. Members in the cadet class can expect to build confidence and get stronger & fitter while meeting new people and being part of a team. These classes cater for a range of goals so whether you're looking to train for fun and fitness or to work towards being an active competitor and becoming our next generation of kickboxing champion then these classes are for you. 


Adult Kickboxing

Our adults classes are mixed male and female. Come along alone or as a couple or a group and you are guaranteed to enjoy the class.

You will learn a mix of martial arts skills and techniques, along with getting fit, staying healthy, meeting new people and having huge amounts of fun. These classes can be joined at complete beginner level or as a more advance martial artist.



Boxing is one of the oldest and most famous combat sports, it is a game of skill, discipline, respect and self control. Boxing training is both challenging and fun and is a great workout for any level of participant.

Boxing training involves heavy bag work, pad work, skipping, sparring, calisthenics, medicine ball work, sprints and flexibility and mobility work. Trainees will experience improved health & fitness, balance, coordination, core strength & stability and aerobic and muscular endurance.

We have an active team of competitive boxers but we also have a number of members who train for fun and fitness. Whatever your goal; our classes will get you to where you want to be. 

Ladies Kickboxing

Fun, friendly ladies only classes designed to get you in great shape while you learn the sport of kickboxing.

Our Ladies Only classes are fantastic fun and full of energy. These classes cater for all level of trainer whether you're a beginner looking to get fit and learn new skills or if you are an experienced trainer looking to advance your existing martial arts knowledge. Either way Kickboxing is a fantastic way to burn those extra calories, meet new people and stay fit & healthy. 


Beginners fitness program. Fun, friendly and informal group session working with kettlebells, bulgarian bags and bodyweight training in order to build fitness confidence, tone muscle and burn fat.

The Bootcamp fitness class is a fun & interactive program aimed at beginner to intermediate level trainers. Incorporating a variety of training approaches and tools such as kettlebells, bulgarian bags and bodyweight training this class will help you lose weight, tone up and have more energy. 



Our hybrid strength & conditioning program which utilises a variety of training methods to optimise strength, speed, endurance and all round athletic development.

Combat XTREME is The Combat Academy's own brand of fight sport based strength & conditioning training. Our coaches have years of experience of strength & fitness training and armed with our excellent knowledge of nutrition we pride ourselves on the conditioning of our members. Indeed after only a short time of producing fighters for the competitive circuit we already have a reputation for producing some of the most well-conditioned athletes around.

Combining various personally tried and tested training philosophies, techniques and approaches from traditional and contemporary literature our XTREME strength & conditioning sessions enable participants to take their fitness to the next level. A typical session stimulates all muscle groups and provides a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise in order to improve every type of physical capacity including;

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Anaerobic fitness
  • Endurance

With the emphasis on variety and achieving functional/useful strength & fitness development every class is interesting and challenging. Members can become proficient in using a wide range of strength & conditioning equipment including Kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags, Russian Clubs, Olympic weights, as well as in utilising traditional calisthenics (body weight training) and combat based activities.

Classes are run in such a way that everyone no matter what level of fitness can take part and with an encouraging and supportive environment all members are supported to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

With nutrition support available too, we can guarantee that members who undertake Combat XTREME strength & conditioning training will achieve the best shape of their lives!

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The Combat Academy

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The Combat Academy, Unit 20
Mitchell Road
S73 8HA

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