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Rebecca Waddington (Rutland Early Years Agency)

An agency is an organisation that is able to register childminders in England and may provide a range of services to its members and parents.

Childminder agencies (CMAs) register childminders and help them with training, business support, advice and finding parents. Parents can use childminder agencies to find a childminder. By looking on the Rutland Early Years website you will be able to find details of childminders who are registered with them. 

How are individual childminders inspected under the agency model?

Childminders who are registered with a childminder agency will no longer be inspected by Ofsted. Instead, their performance will be assessed by their agency, which has a statutory duty to monitor the standard of care provided by the childminders it registers and improve the quality of provision. Each agency will have a different means of doing this, but it is likely agencies will carry out their own inspections of the childminders on their books.

Childminders registered with an agency are not inspected by Ofsted , the childminder agency is inspected by Ofsted . To look at Rutland Early Years Agency latest Ofsted inspection report . Click the link below :

There is currently 1 childminder in Hoyland registered with this agency. For more information on the childminder in Barnsley registered with Rutland Early Years Agency you should contact Rutland Early Years Agency or look at the childminder profiles on thier website

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Last updated on 02/07/2021
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