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Skating Lessons @ Penistone Leisure Centre


Skating Lessons at Penistone Leisure Centre


As a beginner, you will learn how to skate along (Stride 1) and glide, how to turn (A frame) and stop (Heel brake) and will feel a lot more confident on skates by the end


An intermediate skater can also learn more impressive looking ways to stop (Spin Stop), how to corner more sharply (Parallel turns) and start doing some ‘freestyle skating’ around cones (Lemons). You will learn a better, faster way to skate forwards (Stride 2) and make a start on skating and stopping backwards.


At advanced level, you will learn how to skate fast around curves backwards and forwards (Crossovers), turning from backwards to forwards (Mohawks), gliding and stopping on 2 wheels (Heel stop 2), another turn (Lunge turn), jumping, Slalom, an impressive backwards stop (Backwards powerslide) and some harder freestyle skating around cones (Backwards Lemons, Forwards and Backwards Snake, Criss Cross).



Penistone Leisure Centre, Thurlstone Road, Sheffield, S36 9EF

When is it?

We are currently running these classes, usually to fit in with term times:

•Beginner lessons: 8:30-9:30am Saturdays

•Intermediate lessons: 9:40-10:40am Saturdays

•Advanced lessons: 10:50-11:50am Saturdays

•Beginner/ Intermediate: 6-7pm Sundays

•Adult/ Advanced: 7-8pm Sundays

How much is it?

Six lessons for £26

Who do I contact?

Please contact Rachel on 0794 7991727 or at

How do I book?

To book the next block of lessons, go to our booking page

You will make the best progress if you come to a whole block of lessons as each skill builds on the ones before and it’s harder if you miss things out. Lessons are for adults or children and anyone aged 5 or over is welcome.

Who to contact

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Where to go

Penistone Leisure Centre
Thurlstone Road
S36 9EF

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Table of costs
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Last updated on 03/01/2020
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