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Skating Lessons @ Penistone Leisure Centre

Roller Skating Lessons

Roller skating lessons are run in blocks of 6 weeks and there are currently 2 levels: beginner and intermediate

About the Lessons

Whether you haven’t been on skates before, or if you are self taught but want to learn some new skills, this is for you. If you’ve seen people doing fancy looking things and want to give them a try, then come along and learn.

Please note that we will be teaching people wearing inline skates – the ones with wheels down the middle. This is no harder than quad skates if you take it slowly and get the technique right, and once you have got going inline skates are faster and more manoeuvrable.

We will be playing games at all levels, to help you learn your new skills. There are 2 coaches, Rachel and Davy Gibbons, in every lesson to make sure everyone gets enough attention. Lessons are for adults and children and are great to come to with your kids – why sit and watch?


In addition there is also various skating sessions that take place at the centre- £2 Adult or Child (includes skates) see website for more details.


Who to contact

Contact Name

Where to go

Penistone Leisure Centre
Thurlstone Road
S36 9EF

Other Details


£20 for 6 week block.
Last updated on 02/08/2016
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