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Barnsley Road Club - Barnsley's Oldest Largest Cycling Club

Welcome to Barnsley Road Club!

Cycling clubs throughout the land hold a run every Sunday morning and Barnsley Road Club is no different.

A club run is one of the best ways of getting the most from your club, and get to know all the other members. Runs can vary in length from 50 miles to over a 100 miles, with a cafe stop for lunch and a tea stop on the longer runs.

We also run a STEADY ride for cyclists who possess a moderate riding ability and reasonable road awareness. This is around 30 miles including a cafe stop, riding at an average of between 12-15 mph depending on terrain and departs at the same time as the main Cub Run

The meeting place for all of our club runs is at the Town End roundabout, outside the KFC, Barnsley.

We cover most aspects of cycle sport, with members regularly participating in time-trialling, road racing and reliability rides.

As well as our Sunday morning meets we hold regular 10 mile time trials:

The evening 10's are held on Wednesday evenings during the summer, on the Grimethorpe bypass (Park Springs Road, A6195 ).

The meeting place for the start is near the Middlecliffe end of the bypass.  Parking, sign-on and ‘HQ’ is on a lay-by just a bit further up from the start (you’ll probably see people milling about their with bikes).

First rider off at 7.01, there are normally people there by 6.30, and participants tend to hang around for a cuppa and a chat afterwards as well.

The evening 10 is a ‘come and try it' – Entry fee is £3

There's no need to register beforehand, however there is a maximum of 40 riders per event, so make sure you get there in plenty of time to sign on.

Membership for the whole year is only £10.00 for over 18's and £2.00 for Junior members up to their 18th Birthday.

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Who to contact


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Where to go

Town End Roundabout
Peel Street
S70 2RL
Last updated on 12/02/2020
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