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Mini Me's Nursery Ltd Day Nursery

All staff members are level 2 or 3 qualified and are always working to improve their ability to provide quality care and education for our children. We promote that communication is the key to an excellent service. Excellent relationships are built between all staff members and the children and families that we work with. Safeguarding is a priority with our setting and all staff members are thoroughly DBS checked and vetted to ensure that they are suitable to work with children. The nursery environment is very spacious and organised so that we can meet all children's needs. Staff members plan appropriate activities to meet every individual child's needs, these are fun, stimulating and exciting and provide quality care to all our children.

Due to the Corona Virus many new procedures have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of all our children, parents and carers and of course our team. Bubbles have been created of children and staff members and have there own allocated area to play indoors and out doors, hand sanitisers have been placed at all entrances, playrooms and in the out door areas. Children and all staff are washing thier hands on a regular basis and regular cleaning practises are taking place through out the door to minimise the risk of contamination. Our main priority at Mini Me's Nursery is to ensure that everyone attending our nursery is safe and healthy and that we are doing everything we possibly can to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Angela James/Emma Cook/Gillian Beaumont
Contact Position
Nursery Manager/Assistant Manager/Business Manager
Mini Me's Nursery Website

Where to go

Mini Me's Nursery Ltd Day Nursery
The Eldon Centre
Eldon Street North
S71 1LQ

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£48.00 Childcare Cost per day 0-1yrs
£45.50 Childcare Cost per day 2yr olds
£46.00 Childcare Cost per day 3-4yr olds
We have a promotional price that will last for 12 months or until your child's next birthday.

Childcare Information

Age Range

0 years,3 months
13 years,11 months


Immediate vacancies

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

Opening Times

Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday to Friday 07:30 18:00

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer


Our Local Offer is that we are inclusive to all children.The Nursery has two Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) that work with all the children throughout the nursery and have a vast amount of experience of working with children with additional needs and disabilities.

The nursery environment is very spacious both inside and out offering a range of resources and activities catered to all children's specific needs.


Schools Extended Local Offer Response

How do we offer support to children or young people with a special educational need or disability?

If a parent has any concerns about their child it is important that you speak to your childs key person or the SENCO so that monitoring can begin through observing the child and assessing your childs progress. We have excellent relationships with external agencies such as the Health Visitor to support you with your concerns also.

At Mini Me's Nursery we believe that early intervention is the key to supporting your child's additional needs if any concerns may arrise. A discussion would take place to discuss your concerns and strategies would be put into place to support your child in agreement with the parent. If any addtional support from external agencies is required we would always discuss this with the parent to ensure that we are working together as you know your children better than any one and our priority is to ensure that your child recieves all the support they deserve.

At Mini Me's Nursery every child and family is allocated a Key Person who will monitor, observe and assess your childs journey and development whilst at nursery. An initial settling in period will take place to ensure that the key person builds a relationship with your child. This is to ensure that they know your child's like's and dislikes which will enable them to plan focused enjoyable activities to meet your child's needs. This will help support  their development and to also challenge their abilities to move them forward.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Cuirriculum(EYFS) is used to support your childs learning and identify milestones throughout your childs learning journey.

At the beginning of your child's nursery journey we will ask you to stay at your child's first stay and play and go through the EYFS and discuss with you all the fabulous things your child is achieving at home. This will be recorded on the EYFS frame work which will then feed into the assessments and observations which your key person will complete . This will then be shared with you so you are aware of their develpoment at nursery and so we are all working together to ensure we are are meeting your child's needs and taking into account their interests and likes.

Parent Partnership is very important and any information which is collated about your child will be shared with you. All the information  is recorded in their developmental journals for you to look through on a regular basis, to sign observations completed by the key worker so you are fully aware of your childs development at nursery, at this point we will also discuss enjoyable activities which you may do at home to support your child's learning which we could incorporate in nursery. We also have parent's evenings where you will sit down with your child's key person and discuss all aspects of your child's growth and development at nursery and at home.

At Mini Me's Nursery it is very important to us that everyone who comes into our nursery feels safe and secure and that every child's overall well being is being supported.

It is paramount that the general care and well being of your child is being met through out the daily routine of the nursery. We provide nutritious meals, snacks and ongoing drinks through out the day.

A daily routine sheet is given to all parents on their first stay and play session to ensure that we are modeling routines at home to best of our ability. This is to ensure that all children feel safe,secure and happy and that you are reassured that they are recieving a high standard of care.

We have a good relationship with all schools in Barnsley. It is a very important time for all our young ones when they are starting school and it is important that the transition is as smooth as possible.

To ensure this takes place visits are organised with the school teacher to observe your child in nursery and to speak to their key person to find out information about that child.

This would be discussed between the parent, main carer and the nursery manager, key person would discuss this to ensure that the right support was given to your child.

At Mini Me's Nursery parent's and main carers are invovled from the get go. You know yolr child better than any one else so it is essential to us that you are the main part of the decision making. We have lots of events which take place to ensure that you are able to do this however this is taking place on a daily basis at Mini Me's Nursery.



What specialist training, experience and expertise do we have relevant to children with special educational needs and disabilities?

Mini Me's Nursery has excellent relationships with all specialist services such as:

Health Care Professionals: Health Visitor, Speach and Language Therapy

Family Support Services

BESST Team (specialist working with children with additional needs)

Local schools to support transitions from nursery to school.

Disability Nursing Team

Regular updated SEND training or refreshers

Autism Awareness
Moving and Hangling
Behaviour Management

Team Teach

Awareness of Visual Disability

Awareness of Hearing Disability

Attend all local authority forums related to supporting children and young peope with SEND

How accessible is our setting?

At Mini Me's Nursery we love to get out and about on a regular basis however it is essential to us that our trips are safe and well organised.

When staff plan activities for topics this will be discussed with the children and they will decide or give ideas on where they would like to visit, the local pet shop or ASDA for example.

A risk assesment will take place and parents and main carers will be informed in plenty of time so that they aware of the coming events.

A parent is asked to complete a consent form, with out this the child cannot take part in the activity. 

Our provision is fully accessible to all.  There is disabled ramped access with a large entrance to ensure any walking aids would be able to access the building.  Spacious rooms which would be risk assessed to ensure that it is organised appropriate to ensure all the children's needs were being met.

We do have a security system which is a finger print system in place which adds to the security of our building. When parent or main carer brings their child to nursery we will put their finger print on to the system so they will beable to access the building. There is always a senior member of staff in the main reception office to ensure that no body enters the nursery who isn't recognised.

We would discuss this with the parent's, main carers, and the child if appropriate if any resources including equipment or even an additional staff member to support your child on a one to one basis would be required. 

We would be able to apply for:

Short breaks 

Interim Inclusion Support Grant


Last updated on 16/11/2020
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