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Local Offer Feedback 2017 - "You Said, We Did (or Working On...)"

Families Information Service ( FIS) welcome feedback from professionals, families and young people. Comments help us shape our service ensuring we are developing and delivering access to information 24hours a day , 7 days a week  that meet the needs of families.  We do this both formally and informally by:

  • Attending meetings
  • Facilitating meetings
  • One to one chats with service users /professionals
  • Local Offer feedback form
  • FSD Feedback

Moving forward with Local Offer feedback, key themes linked to:

  • The look, design and navigation of the online information
  • The need for more information in key areas
  • The need for information pages before you ‘hit’ the search facility

As a result in the Summer of 2017 we started rebuilding our Family Service Directory (FSD) which includes a refresh of the Local Offer. 

To ensure we are working to develop an information platform that meets the needs of families and young people and involving families and young people in building a Local Offer that is purposeful  , alongside talking with service users as part of our day to day work , we invited families to come along to  Local Offer focused meetings and give us their views on the initial designs and discuss the next developments.

We asked what are your thoughts on:

  • The Design
  • The Layout
  • The Colours
  • The Headings
  • The Sections

You told us:

  • You liked the design
  • You liked that design was based on characters and not photos
  • The character were cute and friendly and informal
  • Some of the characters were not representative  
  • The design was in line with the facebook page ,which is good  because people could make the link with the service
  • The banner needed more people in it, it looked sparse
  • You felt the heading on the tiles were right
  • You felt that only 3 tiles were needed : Education. Health. Social Care
  • You would like to be able to search in age categories too
  • You liked the colours
  • Information pages needed to sit behind the tiles before going to search lists

We asked for you thoughts regarding the Aiming High Newsletter

We asked what your thoughts are on:

  • The design
  • The layout
  • The format
  • The articles
  • How you would like to receive the newsletter
  • Is the newsletter useful  

You told us:

  • It was ok
  • You hadn’t really looked at it
  • You hadn’t received one
  • You wasn’t sure what you had to do to receive one
  • Was it needed if all the information was on the Local Offer or facebook
  • You didnt feel the newsletter was needed anymore

We asked your thoughts regarding the Children’s Disability Register (CDR)

We specifically asked:

1: Do you feel the CDR should be online?

You said: YES

2: Do you feel the CDR should a lengthy form or a short form? When telling us about the diagnosis should this be a lengthy list or a more generic list? 

You asked : What was the CDR for?

We explained the CDR would be used to help the Local authority plan for services , for example : is there enough school places / are more resourced provisions needed / have we enough college places.

We explained by holding information on the CDR we would be able to target families , for example if a new group was set up for children with autism we would be able to use the information on the CDR to let all the children with autism know a new group was setting up.  Another example of how we would use the information would be : If there was any information to share with specific groups we would use the CDR to share the information with specific groups .

You told us:

You preference a short form, a more generic list


What happens next?

We agreed to ask the designers to add more characters to the design

We agreed to ask the designers to add age ranges to the design

We agreed to ‘build’ 2 tiles with information pages so you could see the information journey. ( You had no preference over which tiles ). We said as one option we would develop the online CDR tile

We will develop a online feedback form so you can comment instantly on the Local Offer

We agreed to arrange another meeting to review the design after the inital suggested changes have been made . It is proposed that the meeting will take place in January 2018

If you would like to give feedback on our current Local Offer pages you can email or ring us on 0800 0345 340

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Last updated on 03/03/2021
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