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Employment and Volunteering Service

What we offer

We guide and assist adults with a learning disability through all stages of support from referral to the team and initial assessment through to sustained employment.

We work with other employment agencies. We support individuals prepare for, secure and remain in work.

We can advise employers about promoting a positive working culture that supports disabled employees.

We provide support, advice and guidance to employers on making reasonable adjustments, providing accessible information and risk management.

Becoming a jobseeker

For many, the journey begins with volunteering.  It is a stepping stone to gain experience and develop skills that may lead to sustained employment.

We offer "taster" days with local voluntary organisations to allow individuals to taste "the world of work" and contribute to their own communities.

Volunteering can give individuals the chance to keep active, try new things, meet new friends and be part of a team while developing new skills and building confidence as well as a health CV.

Our focus is to encourage individuals to use the skills they have gained through volunteering to achieve paid employment.

Why paid employment?

Working can promote self determination, choice and independence and enable social and economic inclusion.  In accordance with Valuing Employment Now we are active in supporting people into real jobs where they have the opportunity to earn equitable wages and other employment related benefits.

As a service we are aiming to raise aspirations and convey the message that paid work is a realistic outcome for the people we work with.

We can offer support with looking for work, compiling portfolio's and CV's, writing application forms and preparing for interviews.  We will allocate a worker who will work alongside the individual until they have routinely mastered tasks to the employers standards.

Additional Information

Once an individual has expressed an interest in work or volunteering, we will meet up to complete an initial assessment or vocational profile.  This allows us to determine their skills and interests, preferences and aspirations and to match these with potential or existing vacancies.

We ensure access to good quality advice and guidance by signposting/supporting individuals to meet with Welfare Rights or Job Centre Plus.

We offer training opportunities in the form of workshops that help the individual prepare for the world of work.

We are active in improving access to local job vacancies and volunteering opportunities and providing accessible profiles of each organisation/placement area.

We can also offer Peer Support training to organisations to enable them to provide in-house coaching, to allow us to gradually fade specialist support.

Who to contact


Where to go

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Compass House
Castlereagh Street
S70 1BA
Last updated on 14/10/2019
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