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Shotokan Karate Club

When is it?

Metrodome Classes:

Tuesdays: 6pm - 7pm: Beginners Class, Adults and Juniors from 7yrs

Tuesdays: 7pm – 8.30pm : All grades mixed

Thursdays: 7pm – 8pm: Higher Grades: Adult Beginners from 14yrs

Saturday: 10:30am – 12pm: Any grades mixed

Wilthorpe Community Centre:

Wednesday: 7pm – 8pm: Higher Grades ONLY (Black and Brown Belts)

How much is it?

Adults: £4:80

Juniors £3:20

Metrodome MAXX members: Training is included in your membership

Who do I contact?

Please contact the Metrodome on 01226 730030 for Maxx card pricing information

 Or Lynne Padgett on 01226 205621 for further information

How do I book?

For more information about joining the club contact Lynn Padgett

Who to contact

Contact Name
Shotokan Karate Club

Where to go

Shotokan Karate Club at teh Metrodome
Queens Ground
Queens Road
S71 1AN

Other Details


Adults: £4.80 Juniors: £3.20 Metrodome MAXX Members - Training is included in your membership **Note : Prices are subject to change - Please contact the Metrodome on 01226 730060 for up to date pricing.


Referral Details

Please check our website for details of dates, times and locations for training:

Last updated on 13/01/2020
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