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BMBC School Transport Services

If your child has a special need, disability or mobility problem that prevents them walking to school, they may be entitled to travel assistance.

Travel assistance is organised around your child's needs and may be provided by:

  • independent travel training
  • mileage reimbursement 
  • personal travel budgets
  • school bus / minibus or taxi
  • zero fare bus pass

For more information and to view the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council's Home to School/College Travel Assistance Policy 2018-2020 Personal Travel Budget report please click the link below: 

Home to School/College Travel Assistance Policy 2018-2021 Personal Travel Budget

You can apply for travel assistance using the Online Form  which is availabe on our council webpage. 

If your application is refused you can ask us to review the decision by filling in an appeal form. (under useful downloads on the right hand side of this page)

Who to contact


Local Offer


The aim of the service is to ensure that all pupils entitled to free transport between home and school, receive the appropriate level of support and assistance with their transport needs.

Assessment of a pupil's entitlement to free travel is undertaken by the school transport team in line with Council policy.  Parents/carers can apply for transport for their child(ren).  Advice/application forms are available by contacting the school transport team or can be downloaded from the council's website:

Staff working with children on their journey between home and school receive training on safeguarding/child protection, first aid, health and safety, passenger assistance and any other training required to support children's individual needs.

Last updated on 05/07/2021
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