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Barnsley's Early Years Consultants (EYC)

Early Years Consultants (EYC)

Early Years Consultants provide advice, support and challenge to schools and settings on learning and development matters. Our aim is to improve the outcomes for young people in Barnsley by ensuring they all have access to high quality early education and care. We support provision for children from birth to age five, including transition into Year 1.We have a universal offer which is open to all early education providers in Barnsley, including; maintained schools, academies, independent schools, pre-schools and nurseries.  

All providers have access to:

  • EYC webpage, regular updates via e-mail and Facebook
  • Local Network Events, including Moderation
  • Training Courses
  • Bespoke support packages

Schools and academies also have access to:

  • EYC Annual School Conference
  • EYFS Profile Moderation visits, support and training
  • EYFSP Data sense check prior to submission
  • Quality Assurance of the EYFS Profile data upon submission

Settings also have access to:

  • A named Early Years Consultant¬†
  • Quality Improvement Programme
  • Quality Improvement Events (QIP)

Who to contact


Other Details


Many of the services listed above are free of charge to Barnsley early years providers; training, conferences and bespoke support packages will incur a charge.
Last updated on 16/12/2019
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