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Sleep Tight Workshop : Family Centre Parent Educators

What is the Sleep Tight Workshop?

Sleep tight is aimed at parents with children aged 1-18 years it is a 5 week           programme where groups meet for 2 hours a week, courses will run all year round.

Sleep Tight is a Behavioural approach which focus’s on a positive approach to   bedtimes, giving all families the tools they need to make changes.

The sleep tight programme looks at the following topics…..

  • An introduction to sleep, and why its so important

  • Causes of sleep issues

  • Identifying and managing sleep problems

  • Bedtime routines 

  • Postive bedtimes  

Where is it held?

Workshops are currently being delivered virtually on Microsoft Teams 

How Much is it?


How do I get a place?

You should fill out a parent request form which can be downloaded here : 

Parent Request Form  and send back to the Parent Educators email address below

Who to contact

Contact Name
Scott, Amber & Chloe
Contact Position
Parent Educators
Last updated on 03/02/2021
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