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Living with Autism isn’t easy, but finding out about it should be…. is a FREE website dedicated to making those helpful and sometimes vital links. 

Our website includes:

  • A comprehensive ‘Event Calendar’ listing major national and also many local events, including ‘Training Workshops’.
  • An extensive section on local ‘Support Groups’ made up of passionate, committed parents, carers and others. Many who have been on or are walking the same path as you.
  • An ever-increasing list of ’Care Services and Education’ providers including ’Respite Care’ and ’Transition’ planning.
  • Links to advice regarding ’Diagnosis’, ’Therapies’ and different ’Approaches’.
  • An ’Activities & Recreation’ section with many great ideas for family holidays and day trips, suggestions for half-term and weekend activities and even things to do on a rainy day.
  • Where to go when you need advice regarding your entitlements and your rights as an individual with special needs and disabilities.

Plus a whole lot more, why not visit today?

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Last updated on 29/06/2021
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