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Trans Support

Trans support was originally set up in Rotherham in 2009 under the name Transupport meeting once a month at the women's international centre later moving to Springwell Gardens community centre and now we are at our new town centre location.

Over the years we have grown the group and now have meetings in Leeds, Wakefield and Rotherham and have principal roles in Pride of Rotherham and Rotherham LGBT.

We can support not only the trans person but friends, family and partners through the difficult times of transitioning and all the questions this brings.

We can help with work issues surrounding transitioning helping companies write equality policies to include trans friendly practices.

We have regular social events in the Yorkshire region throughout the month from meals out to walking days out to bowling, all our members have a say in what we do as a group the main thing is to have a little fun in a serious life!

We also have stalls at events throughout the Yorkshire region to promote the group and help to inform the general public about trans issues.

We also work with companies, agencies and organisations to provide training sessions to improve the quality of the services they offer by giving a better understanding of the Trans community.

By working together we can make the world a better place.

We can provide:

  • A safe & confidential spaceĀ 
  • Experienced support workers who can meet in confidence
  • Practical help with living in a new gender role, whether full time or part time
  • Information and guidance on transgender issues
  • Trans awareness workshops
  • Guidance on working with / employing Trans people
  • Meetings are held in Rotherham on the Third Monday of each Month 7pm to 9pm

Please contact the group for further information. Group is suitable for adults. Can self-refer.

Who to contact

Last updated on 09/12/2015
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