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Looking for a Primary School in Barnsley?

What is Primary School Education?

Children in the UK have to legally attend primary education. It is usually the first formal stage of education starting after pre-school and runs from about 5 years old until the student is 11 years old when they start secondary education.

What information is available to help me choose a Primary School?

You can use the website 'Find and Compare Schools' to find out where the primary schools are in Barnsley as well as other information such as Ofsted ratings and Inspection Reports, progress scores, performance tables and exam results, to help you make a choice.

Click the link below to use the 'Find and Compare schools' site :

How to use the 'Find and Compare Schools' website:

1: Use the green 'Search for schools and colleges to compare' button. Click in the location field and enter a postcode. This could be your home postcode, your workplace postcode. A postcode near to where you want your child to attend primary school. The list shows the nearest schools by distance from the postcode you enter.

2: You also have the option to search by miles. The search is pre-set to a 3 mile radius but you can change this by using the drop down option.

3: You then have the option to filter your search further. On the Education Phase select 'Primary'.

4; You can also filter your search by:

  • School Type

You may want to search for primary schools managed by Academies or maintained schools that sit under the governance of the Local Authority

  • Ofsted Rating

Ofsted is the service that inspects schools and following an inspection framework, determines if the school is providing Outstanding, Good or Requires Improvement education.

  • Religious Character

All schools are inclusive and have to follow the national curriculum, however if you have a particular religion or belief, you can search for schools in Barnsley by what they choose to teach in Religious Studies.  

  • Pupil Gender

The site will generate a list showing the nearest schools to the postcode you entered first. At this stage you will be able to see limited information about each school:

  • School name
  • Address
  • School Type
  • Ofsted Rating
  • Distance 

If you click on the school name the page will display more detailed information about the school. By clicking on any of the words displayed in blue writing you will be directed through to key information such as the Ofsted Inspection Report and the School Website.

By scrolling down the page you will see additional key information such as the schools progress scores in reading, writing and maths.

The site also allows you to compare schools performance.

How do I apply for a Primary School Place ?

Once you have a choice of primary schools you can apply online.  Click the link below which will take you to 'Apply for a Primary School Place.' The page contains information on how and when to apply, tips on completing your application and what happens after you apply:


Who to contact

Contact Name
For Information on your Primary School Application contact School Admissions:
Last updated on 20/12/2019
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