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The Ozone Young Peoples Centre

Barnsley Targeted Youth Support Service gives effective support to young people at any point in their life.

We want all young people to fulfil their potential and more importantly, to be safe and resilient as they move into adulthood

We can support young people around the following issues:

  • Health & emotional support (confidence building, self-esteem, managing emotions)
  • Risk taking behaviour inc sex, drugs & alcohol (age appropriate)
  • Sexual health advice, contraception & STI screening (age appropriate)
  • Promoting positive relationships
  • Diversion from crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Staying safe inc internet & social media safety
  • Support to encourage active citizenship & volunteering
  • Support to find work, education & training opportunities
  • Social interaction opportunities
  • Opportunity to learn new skill

Activities could include:

  • Issue based programmes
  • Cooking
  • Pool
  • Tennis
  • ICT Facilities including free Internet access (Sorry - no access to social networking allowed)
  • Free View TV & DVD
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports (Football, etc)
  • Music Events DJ'ing etc
  • Trips & Visits
  • Games consoles
  • Media resources

Who to contact

Contact Name
Helen Reckless/Paula Taylor McCool
Contact Position
Early Intervention & Prevention worker


Session detail

Wednesday 5.30pm - 7.00pm Targeted junior provision 11-13 ( School year 7&8)

Wednesday 7.00 - 9.00pm Targeted Senior provision 13 - 19 years


Session details Short Breaks - Local offer includes YMCA

  • Mondays and Thursdays  4-6pm for children and young people aged 8-13 years with mild to moderate disabilities( Short Breaks referral required)
  • Mondays in term time 6.30-8.30pm for young people aged 11-17 years who have Asperger's Syndrome ( Short Breaks referral required)
  • Tuesday (The Option)  7-9pm for young people aged 11-24 - mild to moderate learning difficulties
  • Thursday in term time 4-6pm for children aged 8-13 years with mild to moderate disabilities( Short Breaks referral required)
  • Thursdays in term time 6.30-8.30pm for young people aged 11-17 years who have mild to moderate disabilities or are siblings of disabled children and young people who enjoy using creative media, the arts and music ( Short Breaks referral required)
  • Fridays in term time 4-6pm at the YMCA Community Hall for children and young people aged 8-13 years old with mild to moderate disabilities ( Short Breaks referral required)
  • Fridays in term time 6.30 - 8.30pm at the YMCA Community Hall for children and young people aged 13-17 years old with mild to moderate disabilities ( Short Breaks referral required)
  • Holiday provision/visits/trips delivered funding permitted

Where to go

The Ozone Young peoples space
Barnsley Football Club (next to main reception)
Grove Street
S71 1ET

Additional information

Our Short Breaks Programme offers a variety of sessions for children and young people aged 8-17, including a targeted/specific group for children and young people with Asperger's syndrome providing access to ICT, games machines, arts and crafts, creative media and the opportunity to meet other young people and develop friendships.

The main aim of the Short Breaks Provision is to create opportunities for young people to develop their confidence, self-esteem and social skills and provide a break for parents, carers and families.

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

LDD Young people and Short Breaks - referral only, please contact 01226 753406 (Paula Taylor Mc Cool) for more information

 Generic sessions

Children under the age of 13 will need signed consent to attend - this is contained within the self -referral form which will need completing on first attendance

 Children over the age of 13 can self- refer and self- consent

Local Offer


Short Breaks provision

One of the underlying factors of the provision, are the positive relationships, trust and support provided by the Targeted Youth Support service to the parents and carers of the children and young people particularly with Asperger's Syndrome and the positive impact that these interventions have on families and their life chances.  The unique nature of the disability and its impact on sufferers requires specialist skills, knowledge and understanding and practice.

In its widest context it is to support the parents of children and young people with such disabilities to access much needed respite care whilst knowing that their child/and young person are safe and supported in a recreational activity that is also developing their skills as young people in their transition to adulthood and further learning and work.

All provisions offered by the service are either based on a referral or open access basis.  It is recommended that before attending the service you contact Paula Taylor Mc Cool to ascertain if a referral is required .

For the Short Breaks provision, places are given to children and young people who are referred to the service.

All referrals are dealt with at the Aiming High Short Breaks Panel, independent of the Targeted Youth support service

Alongside the planning, preparation and face to face contact with young people during sessions, the service also provides inter service contact with other agencies, parents, carers and social workers to determine a young person's needs, requirements and care plans.  Work can sometimes require home visits, attendance at case conference reviews and multi-agency meetings.

We communicate with children, young people and families through the use of:

  • The Family Information Service
  • Aiming High Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Websites such as "Things To Do In...", "I Know I Can"


Contact Name
Paula Taylor McCool
Contact Telephone
Contact Email

Non educational providers Local Offer Response

What outcomes does your service aim to achieve for children and young people with special educational needs and disability and their families?

It is our aim to support and promote the personal and social development for children and young people who attend our provision.  The outcomes of which could include increased/improved:

  • Appropriate & positive social interaction with other children/ young people and adults
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Independence and resilience
  • Making informed healthy choices
  • Communication (Including verbal and non-verbal)
  • Ability to work together as part of a group or independently
  • Learning new skills
  • Participation in activities that may be new
  • Recognition and celebration of achievements, both their own and that of others
  • Work towards and achievement of accredited awards
How accessible is the service and facilities for those with a disability
  • Wheelchair access: Ozone, Shaw Lane, Wombwell and YMCA are fully accessible; Cudworth is accessible to wheelchairs but not fully as access is on a split level.
  • Toilet facilities: None of the buildings have hoists
  • Parking Spaces: All premises have designated parking albeit limited at Cudworth
  • Staff: All teams consist of qualified staff and Youth Workers
Future developments

We have identified a need to increase the range of supporting communication methods such as further training opportunities for Makaton and Widget, a system of symbols for communication and accessibility.

Last updated on 22/01/2020
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