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The Role of Family Support in Family Centres

The Role of a Family Support Worker in Family Centres

Targeted one to one support is available from our team of family support workers for families who might need extra support to solve some problems they are experiencing. 

Famiy support workers offer practical information, advice and support to you and your family, when you are in need in a way that empowers and enables you to prevent any needs escalating and to address them, so that you and your family can lead a happier and healthier life together.

The role of the family support worker may include:

  • Supporting with health and development needs of your child
  • Support with parenting skills 
  • Help with issues around finance and debt
  • Support around physical and mental health issues, disabilities and learning difficulties.
  • Support for families who are/have experienced domestic violence and abuse
  • Help to get back into training and employment
  • Tackle social isolation

Every families’ needs and circumstances are different; therefore a Family Support Worker will tailor their work with you to ensure the package of support they give will meet your needs.

What you can expect from a Family Support Worker:

When a Family Support Worker has been identified to work with you and your family we will talk with you about the problem you are experiencing. We will ask what help and support you think you might need. This is called and Early Help Assessment (EHA).

Early Help Assessment is nothing to be worried about. It’s just a conversation to work out how to help you stop small problems turning into big problems. You can talk about things that are going well and things that you are proud of as well as things that you are finding a challenge.

The family support worker will also talk with your child or children in your family to make sure they understand how they are feeling and anything they think they might want some help with.

Together you will agree what to write down so that there is a record of what you have talked about.

What happens next will be different for every family. You might make a plan with the family support worker to sort out the problems you are experiencing. You might want to meet with other people who might be able to help. This is called a team around the family (TAF) meeting. These are just examples. You can say what you think will help you and your family.

The family support worker work alongside you and other professionals such as health workers, schools, etc. (Some of these you may already know and be involved with already), this will enable the package of support offered to be coordinated, so that progress can be made.

 The action plan you agree will be regularly reviewed with you, so that we can ensure your needs are being addressed and the situation is getting better not worse.

You can expect the family support worker to make regular visits to your home and complete direct work with you and your family. This may include working direct with your child or young person.  Sometimes this work takes place in school or another venue where your child feels more comfortable.

They will adhere to professional practice standards and legislation, including confidentiality and safeguarding. Family Support Workers will be open and honest with you throughout their involvement.

There may be times however when Family Support Worker to has to share information without your permission. This includes:

• If they think your child is at risk of harm

• If they think an adult is at risk of harm

• If they think the information could help prevent or detect a serious crime

Sometimes a Family Support Worker is not the best person to support you, and with your consent, we may contact other agencies that are more specialised to help you overcome your difficulties.

It is your choice to have a Family Support Worker and involvement can stop at any time, however we are here to help you and your family stop small problems turning into big problems – and hopefully into no problems at all.

If you would like to know more about family support and how you can access family support you should contact your local Family Centre , If you dont know where your Family Centre is you can contact Families Information Service or 'Use the Directory' to search

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