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Find your nearest Autism Hour (search facility from the National Autistic Society)

From October 2019, participating shops and businesses are turning down music and other noise, dimming the lights and sharing information about autism with their employees. 

To find out which shops and businesses are taking part, use the interactive map by searching by postcode or area. Simply zoom in to where you live on the map, or filter by category.

Their Autism hour may include:

  • Reduce background noise / tannoy announcements
  • Educate staff about autism
  • Educate public about autism
  • Clear information about where things are in store
  • Dim the lights
  • Have a quiet space to go
  • Turn off tills / scanner noise
  • Reduce harsh smells
  • Be able to skip queues

Visit the Natiopnal Autistic Societuy website by clicking the following link

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Last updated on 18/11/2019
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