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Rainbow Day Care, Hoyland


Rainbow Day Care is ideally located in the heart of Hoyland Town Centre. Owned and managed by local sisters, Alison Oldfield and Sue Herbert with over 30 years experience in child care and business management.

Our newly-built nursery is bright and airy with an open plan environment with access onto our privately enclosed purpose built outdoor area.

We offer half day and full day sessions for both private and government funded children between the ages of 3mths-5 years old.  We offer places for 15 hours weekly funding for 2 year olds and 30 hours weekly funding for 3 & 4 year olds, if you meet the required criteria.   We also offer places for 15 hours weekly funding for all 3 & 4 year olds.

All Childcare Practitioners at Rainbow Day Care are fully trained in the Early Years Foundation Stage and are skilled in using it to provide exciting experiences for your child.

Our Daffodil Room accommodates up to 6 children aged 0-2 years. In this room we use our knowledge and skills to introduce your child to many exciting, stimulating and sensory experiences, enabling them to learn more about themselves and the world around them.  We have lots of sensory and imaginative things to do in this room which your baby will enjoy exploring.

 Our Buttercup Room is a natural progression from the Daffodil Room and has everything your 2-3 year old needs for their growing independence and natural curiosity.  We ensure they have lots of fun whilst developing their skills through play.  This room opens up onto our secure garden and outdoor area giving your child free choice of where they wish to play.

The Sunflower Room continues to build on the Early Years Foundation Stage of learning and developing through play whilst experiencing many new opportunities to help your child enhance their skills in all areas.  The routine in the Sunflower Room for your 3-4 year old has been developed to ensure that each day all children experience time for independent play, adult supported activities, circle times and free choice of outdoor play.

We plan regular outings with your child to enhance their knowledge and experience of the world around us, including trips to the library, park, local events and our local community garden project.  

 Our on-site cook prepares a variety of healthy, home-cooked meals and snacks each day.  


Who to contact

Contact Name
Sue Herbert
Contact Position
Owner & Business Director

Where to go

Rainbow Day Care
Duke Street
South Yorkshire
S74 9QS

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£55.00 Childcare Cost per day 0-1yrs
£55.00 Childcare Cost per day 2yr olds
£43.00 Childcare Cost per day 3-4yr olds
These costs include all nappies, wipes and food. Our sessions are as follows; 3mths - 3 years 8am-1pm / 1pm-6pm / 8am-6pm. Half day session costs £31.00 Full day session costs £55.00 3-4 Years 8am-1pm / 1pm-6pm / 8am-6pm Half day session costs £24.50 Full day session costs £43.00 Funded Places Extra Costs Nappies and wipes to be provided for your child Breakfast cost £1.20 Lunch cost £2.00 Tea cost £1.40 Wraparound cost per hour £5.05


Other notes

Session & Fee Structure up to 31st March 2018





Childcare Information

Age Range

0 years,3 months
5 years,0 months


Immediate vacancies
Please contact us with your requirements and we will check detailed availability for you.

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer


If your child has a special educational need, disability or additional need (SEND) then there is lots of support and help available to you and your family.

 At Rainbow Day Care we have a SENco who will work closely with you and your family and any other specialist services that you may need to access.

Our Local Offer

Barnsley's Local Offer is a single access point for information about services and support for children and young people from birth to 25, with a special educational need or disability (SEND), and their families.

It's aim is to make sure that families can access the right information at the right time and are able to make informed choices.


Schools Extended Local Offer Response

How do we offer support to children or young people with a special educational need or disability?

The setting will know if your child needs extra support by the child's key person working closely with you and your child. Children are continually obsereved and assessed in nursery and planned for accordingly.

Their key person will consider individual needs, interests and stage of development. If your child's progress gives cause for concern, the key person will discuss this with you and agree how to support your child.

If parents/carers and key person think that the child needs specialist support then we will link with, and support families to access, relevent services from other agencies as appropriate. 

Practitioners at Rainbow Day Care have extensive experience with working with children with SEND. We will support your child's individual needs by working closely with you to agree how best to support your child in setting. Practitioners attend training to meet the needs of children with SEND



The curriculum meets all children's individual needs. Your child's key person and SENco will work closely with you and agree on your child's individual planning to meet their personal needs to further develop them. 

Rainbow Day Care will work with you and your child. We will have regular meetings with you and your child and share information. We will also share all developmental journals and development trackers and give advice on how best to support your child at home. At Rainbow Day Care we use the graduated approach to meet individual needs with four stages of action which are Assess, Plan, Do and Review. As the cycle is reviewed it will draw upon the growing understanding of your child's needs and what supports your child to make good progress and secure good outcomes (Code of Practice).

Every child at Rainbow Day Care is allocated a key person. This person will work with you and your child to ensure that your child's well being is met. Before your child starts nursery, we will have regular settling in visits with you and your child to ensure your child will be comfortable with their key person and other members of staff before starting their care and education with us. 

All families are made to feel welcome at Rainbow Day Care and all staff are very friendly and approachable. 

If, at any point, you or your child needs any extra support then we can assist you with the 'Early Help Assessment' that is available to all families if required.

We will work closely with your child, you and the setting/school that your child will be transferring to. We will arrange visits to the setting/school and the child's key person and SENco will accompany you and your child. We will also invite the teacher from the setting/school to come into Rainbow Day Care to visit your child in their own environment. If any other professionals are involved with you and your child then a transition plan will be planned and agreed taking into consideration any barriers before any visits commence. 

After at least two cycles of Plan, Do, Review and Assess then a request for an Education, Health and Care Plan can be submitted to the panel. The panel includes a SENCO, doctor, educational phychologist, social worker and other people like an occupational therapist, or speech and language therapist if appropriate. If successful then the Education, Health and Care Plan will be put into place in Rainbow Day Care. If you are not successful then the panel will recommend alternative action. If you are not happy with this decision then you can appeal.

You are involved in every step of the process. You, your child (if appropriate) SENco, key person and any other professionals that are supporting your child, work closely to ensure that you and your child get the right support that is available. Rainbow Day Care will work closely with you and ensure that your suggestions and your child's needs are met.

What specialist training, experience and expertise do we have relevant to children with special educational needs and disabilities?

There are lots of specialist services and expertise available to Rainbow Day Care. Our SENCO accesses the services when the need arises. Rainbow Day Care has a SENCO support that works closely with the team to ensure that the family has the correct support that is required for their child. 

All our level three staff have had training around SEND which includes

  • Makaton
  • Wellcomm
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Developing your role as a SENCO
  • Caring for children with Autism
  • Care plans 
  • Speech and Langauge

We have seven members of staff and four of them have worked closley with children with a wide range of SEND.  

How accessible is our setting?

Your child will participate in all activities that are on offer including outings. You and the SENCO will write a risk assessment for your child to highlight any risks/concerns that may arise and how we can reduce the risk to your child, staff or other children. Reasonable adaptations will be made in the nursery for your child to access all activities.

Rainbow Day Care is accessible to all families. We have accessible steps to the entrance of the building and are fully accessible throughout the inside of the building and the outdoor garden.

Resources will be allocated and matched to your child through SEN support plans. Your child and you will have regular meetings with all the professionals that are invoved with you and your child. A SEN support plan with be written and a review date made. Your child will be observed using our Tapestry App and assessed through the process of Assess, Plan, Do and Review. Your child's interests will also be added to the resources and used to plan for your child's next steps. Short term outcomes, medium term outcomes and long term outcomes will be planned for with realistic outcomes planned. 

Last updated on 12/05/2021
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