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The Barnsley Safe Place Scheme

The Barnsley Safe Places Scheme is for anyone who sometimes feels vulnerable when out and about in Barnsley.

Do you sometimes feel vulnerable when out and
about and need a safe place to go to for help?

Are you a local business or service that can offer a safe place?

Barnsley’s Safe Places scheme is being relaunched and expanded. It now provides support to all people who may feel vulnerable when they are out and about.

The scheme provides people with a number of shops, businesses and facilities in Barnsley, where they can go for help and support
if they are feeling anxious, intimidated, unsafe, lost, disorientated, confused or vulnerable.

Local shops and businesses display a sticker in their window to let you know that they provide a temporary safe place and will help you to contact someone you know and trust to come
and help you – like a family member or carer.

Who can join?
The scheme is for anyone who sometimes feels vulnerable when out and about and people with:
• learning disabilities
• autism
• dementia
• physical impairments
• mental health issues
• sensory impairments
• older people.

Anyone can join the scheme and carry the Safe Places Z-Card. This card has their name on it as well as that of a carer or helper they would like to
contact if they feel vulnerable.

They can also use the Z-Card to indicate the problem they are having and the help they need.
Staff working in the Safe Place can telephone the contact person or simply allow the person to stay until they feel less anxious. The person does not need to produce the card in order for
them to use the scheme.

Where are the Safe Places?
There are over 70 Safe Places in Barnsley – mainly in the town centre but more will be added in other towns and villages in the borough as well.

The Safe Places all display the logo in their window so you can find them easily. A full list of Safe Places will be on the Barnsley Council website soon, at;

Some of the Safe Places in Barnsley are:
• Barnsley Central Library, Wellington Street.
• Barnsley Transport Interchange
• Barnsley Town Hall
• Adult Skills and Community Learning (Wellington House)
• Go Potty Shop (Peel Street)

What will staff in a Safe Place do if someone asks for help?
• Stay calm, listen to them and offer reassurance.
• Be friendly and smile.
• Allow the person to take their time.
• Try to understand how they might be feeling.
• Speak clearly.
• Take what they are saying seriously.
• Support them to contact a carer or helper and if necessary help them to contact the police.
• Offer them a seat in the front of the premises to recover or to wait.





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Last updated on 07/08/2019
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