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Children's Continuing care

Children’s Continuing Care

What is it?

Continuing care is an additional package of care provided as well as the care from GP practices, hospitals or in the community.

Who is it for?

It is for  Children and Young People who have complex health needs. These could be;

  • Congenital conditions
  •  Long-term, life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.
  •  A disability,
  • The after-effects of serious illness or injury.

It covers Young People up to their 18th birthday.

How does someone get it?

Professionals working with the Child or Young Person can ask for a Children’s Continuing Care Referral form  by contacting

You can find out more information on the referral process here

 or by contacting

NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Hillder House, 49–51 Gawber Road, Barnsley, S75 2PY

Tel: 01226 433634 or by Email:


Who to contact

Contact Name
Children's Continuing Care

Where to go

Hilder House
Gawber Road
S75 2PY
Last updated on 24/12/2021
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