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Barnsley Youth Justice Service (YJS)

Who are we?

We work with children (10-18) who are involved in the criminal justice system as a result of behaviour that has been determined by police to be an offence.  

We place the child at the centre of all we do; we include their parents or carers, and any other professionals involved with the family in our work to reduce the chance of reoffending and give the child the best chance of a positive future. 

We want to

  • Reduce the chance of a young person entering the criminal justice system
  • Reduce the number of young people entering custody
  • Make our Community a safer place

Our team is made up of:

◾Youth justice practitioners

◾ Probation Officers 

◾Social workers

◾Police officers

◾CAMHS mental health practitioners

◾Education welfare officers and education mentors

◾Drug and alcohol workers

◾Parenting and family mediation workers

◾Victim liaison officers

Can parents self-refer their child to the YJS team?

No. Young people become involved with YJS if:

  • They have committed an offence
  • If the offence they have committed means they will go to court

The police and courts will contact us and we will then contact the young person and we will then work with the young person and those who care for them.

If your child has not been involved with police, but you are worried about your child’s behaviours you can contact TYS ( Targeted Youth Support)

Click the link for more information about TYS : Targeted Youth Support Service

How YJS works with your child

Every child we work with has their own worker- called the ‘case manager’.

The case manager takes time to get to know the family and the child, completes an assessment and then agrees a plan with the family and young person .

We support your child to understand :

    • What led to their behaviour
    • How they can positively change
    • What will happen if they chose not to complete the work they have been instructed to complete by police or the court

      What could be included in the plan?

      • We will help the young person to think about what led to their behaviour
      • Support them to get specialist support from our partners, if needed
      • We will work together to plan a positive future

      The Young Person may take part in positive work in the community , such as:

      • Landscaping and reviving public spaces
      • Gardening in care homes
      • Arts projects
      • Working on a community allotment

      By taking part in community work it gives the Young person opportunities to gain new skills, feel like they are achieving, develop pride in themselves

      What if I, or my child was the victim of the crime? 

      We also support victims of crime by:

      Giving you/them opportunity to tell the child of the impact upon them

      Helping you/them to understand what has happened

      Bringing the victim and the child together to work on repairing the harm and ‘making it right’ .

      Who else can I talk to if I’m worried about my child becoming involved in criminal activity?

      There are lots of services who you can contact:

      Substance misuse service

      Targeted Youth Support (TYS)


      Early help


      Who to contact


      Where to go

      Barnsley Youth Justice Service
      18, Regent Street
      S70 2HG
      Last updated on 05/11/2020
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