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Pro Active Studio

Do you dislike busy gyms?

  • At Pro Active you can enjoy training in complete privacy.
  • You even get a changing room all to yourself.

It's just you and a trainer

  • No distractions and the full attention of an expert to help and motivate you.
  • No onlookers and no hold ups by having to wait for equipment.

Gain The Maximum Benefit From All Your Workouts

  • Never waste another day in the gym!
  • Learn proper exercise technique and perform all your exercises correctly - all the time.
  • Benefit from using the correct tempo, the right volume and the right amount of rest with intelligent programme design.

Learn How To Achieve Long-Term Results With Dieting

  • Discover healthy diet strategies that fit your lifestyle and experience unparalleled support.

Look And Feel Your Best In Less Time

  • Become a healthier version of yourself!
  • Boost your energy levels, increase your flexibility, reduce pain, improve posture, lose inches, get tighter skin and improve muscle tone - these are just some of the noticeable benefits.


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Where to go

Pro Active, Maple House
Stocks Lane
S75 2BL
Last updated on 16/12/2019
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