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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Team (ASDAT)


The Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment Team (ASDAT) is the assessment and diagnosis service for children under 18 here in Barnsley 

Who is it for? 

Children & Young People under 18. 

How do I access the service?

If you think that your child/young person may have autism or you are worried about their social communication skills, you should discuss this with their health visitor, school nurse or GP.

If your child attends a nursery or school, then you should also discuss this with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo).

They can refer your child or young person to the team for assessment, this is done through an 'Early Help Assesment' you can read more about accessing the service through Early Help : HERE

Who to contact

Last updated on 24/12/2021
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