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St Joseph's Nursery and Pre-School


St Joseph's Nursery and Pre-School has been established since 1998 and is committed to maintaining high standards of care and education.

We are commended for our highly skilled and knowledgeable Early Years Practitioners who are committed to continuous improvement through accessing higher education.

We are passionate about our partnerships with parents and believe they are a crucial part in the development of their child and a valued contribution to their child's learning journey.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Kirsty Crompton / Jackie Lunn
Contact Position
Manager Manager and Nursery Director


Where to go

St Joseph's Nursery and Pre-School
221, Doncaster Road
South Yorkshire
S70 3QY

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£46.00 Childcare Cost per day 0-1yrs
£46.00 Childcare Cost per day 2yr olds
£46.00 Childcare Cost per day 3-4yr olds
£24.00 Per session
A deposit of £30 is required to secure a place

Childcare Information

Age Range

0 years,3 months
5 years,0 months


Immediate vacancies
Please contact the nursery for up to date availability

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

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Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
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Local Offer


We currently have a Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO) that work at St Joseph's Nursery and look after children with a variety of additional needs. We treat every child as an individual. 

If your child has additional needs and would be interested in attending St Joseph's Nursery please contact us to come and have a look around our Nursery. 

Schools Extended Local Offer Response

How do we offer support to children or young people with a special educational need or disability?

At St Joseph’s Nursery, we understand parents are their child’s primary educator and ensure that all parents and carers are heavily involved in the induction period to the nursery. During this time we will ensure to work closely with families and create secure partnerships with parents to ensure we have all the information required to best support your child and discuss any individual needs.

Initial assessments are carried out in first 2 weeks of your child starting in our nursery, which will quickly identify any gaps in your child’s development. If your child has previously attended any other setting we will ensure to contact them to obtain any relevant information surrounding your child. 

This robust form of assessment ensures any delays in children’s development are quickly identified and strategies are put in place to support them.

Any child who needs additional support this will be identified and referrals to relevant agencies will take place with permission from parents/carers. 

Has previously mentioned we have a member of staff who has undertaken SENCo training. SENCO stands for "Special Educational Needs Coordinator". A SENCO is responsible for the day-to-day operation of our Nursery SEN policy.

The SENCO will co-ordinate any additional support for your child and will work with parents and other professionals who are involved. The SENCO has responsibility for requesting the involvement of any external services such as the BESST team (Barnsley Education and Specialist Support Team). The SENCO will also closely support your child’s key person to ensure that individual educational plans are in place to support your child’s development.

We offer a fully inclusive environment for children with additional needs. Nursery staff will ensure strategies are readily in place to support children's individual needs. Any adaptations to the setting, resources, and training will vary depending on the needs of the child that we have identified such as additional training to meet specific needs, and 1:1 support, taking into consideration suggestions made other agencies that are already involved with the family. Parents/carers will be included from the beginning so they are aware of how their child is being supported and future plans, and are able to have extended settling in sessions to support their child’s transition until they feel comfortable.



At St Joseph’s Nursery, our learning opportunities are tailored specifically for each child based on their interests and next steps by their key person in order for them to progress and develop. Through ongoing observations we develop an understanding of your child’s likes and dislikes and any interests or enthusiasm’s they may have and these are included in your child’s individual planning to ensure that the approaches we take to support your child’s development are the most effective.

We also share our individual planning with parents and any SEN support plans in place for your child, which we review and evaluate regularly.

Weekly Drop-In's- Parents have the opportunity to have regular meetings with their key person. The drop in session is available each week for each room with days that alternate to meet the needs of all of our parents. We operate a booking-in system where parents can pick a time slot convenient for them. Twice a year parents are invited in to setting for a parents evening to discuss their child's development. 

Transition Meetings- Parents have the opportunity to accompany their child on visits to their transitioning room. Parents will be involved in a transition meeting, which will involve a progress report, a detailed handover and introduction to their new key person.

Two Year Progress Check-Two year assessments are completed after your child’s second birthday shared with parents/carers. With your permission, these are then shared with Child Health Visitor and other agencies that may be involved with your child.



At St Joseph’s nursery, we understand the important role a key person plays in supporting young children’s development and well-being. We ensure to inform parents/carers the name of their child’s assigned key person. The key person will ensure your child’s learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. The key person will seek to engage and support the parent and/or carers in guiding their child’s learning at home and to help the child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and to build a strong relationship with the parent/carers.

To further support our key person approach and ensure continuity for the child in the absence of their key person we provide a backup key person (‘the buddy’) so that you and your child have a key contact in the absence of the child’s key person. Parents/Carers are made aware of their key person buddy during the settling in period. 

We have strong links to our feeder schools in our reach area and other educational settings, enabling us to arrange opportunities for teachers to meet the children in our setting. We have found that arranging these early visits in a surrounding that is familiar to the child contributes to a positive and informative transition. During this time meetings will be held involving parents and the new setting to discuss and ‘hand over’ relevant information regarding your child’s individual need and what support will be required during and after the transition, such a training, 1:1 support, resources, and any further information.

We apply for additional support and services through the Barnsley, Education and Specialist Support Team (BESST) who will work closely with us and parents to decide what support and level of support your child will need to best support their needs. The SENCO and Key person will then implement this support for your child. The SENCO's will work closely with and support Key People to complete supporting paperwork.


St Joseph’s Nursery encourages all parent/Carers to share their thoughts and feelings about any aspect of Nursery practice whether positive or negative. The information is used to continually improve the Nursery and is collected by various methods such as:

•    Wow moments – Sharing achievements and contributing to learning journey

•    Regular parental questionnaire- these are done anonymously and posted in our locked comments box to improve nursery practice

•    Social media- Parents use our members only Facebook group to share experiences from home, ask questions and advice, and contribute ideas to improve our setting

•    Staff member of the month- Parents are given the opportunity to vote for a member of staff and provide a comment, which is then feedback to staff

•   Monthly Newsletter- Parents are informed via our newsletter of any relevant changes, up to date information and support and activities in the nursery or local area.

•    Transition Meetings- Parents meet with key person, share views they may have and use opportunity to meet new key person



What specialist training, experience and expertise do we have relevant to children with special educational needs and disabilities?

At St Joseph’s Nursery we ensure we are following the most up to date regulations by attending regular SEN network meetings for the locality and attend any necessary training and updates.

All of our staff are experienced and highly trained. 

Our SENCO member of staff has also recently attended training workshops to help support children with autism, hearing and visual impairments.

As well as working closely with additional services to support children with additional needs, we also have strong links with our Local Family Centre (Kendray and Worsbrough) who also have a range of additional services that can be accessed when necessary.



·      MAKATON- s a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order. With Makaton, children and adults can communicate straight away using signs and symbols.

·      Administering medication-All trained staff are confident at administering medication. All medication administered is logged and witnessed by another member of staff.

·      Practical Strategies for the Inclusion of Children with Complex needs -training to ensure all children have the very best opportunity to make good progress in early years.


·      Successful inclusion of children with hearing and visual impairments training to provide an insight into the main areas of difficulty for children along with ideas to support children with a visual or hearing impairment.


How accessible is our setting?

St Josephs Nursery provides educational trips and outings that enhance children’s learning and experiences. When doing so we follow trip/outing guidelines set out by the Nursery Manager and take the following steps to ensure we have considered all children’s individual needs and the outing is inclusive for all children.

      - Carry out a risk assessment of the trip/outing

      - An assessment of the required adult to child ratio

       -Address the medical needs of children taking part and includes a contingency plan



1:1 -support for children who may require this level of support 

At St Joseph’s Nursery we aim to provide an inclusive environment, which is accessible for all children and their families. At present our setting has features to support accessibility such as;

·      A ramp for wheelchair users

·      Accessible parking on the nursery site

·      Accessible changing facilities suitable for a wide age range

·      Secure medication cabinets in each room to safely store medication

·      Downstairs toilet, which is suitable for disabled users

·      Risk assessments regularly undertaken to ensure the environment is clutter free and accessible walkways with minimal obstructions

     Our setting operates on a ground and first floor, which is accessible by stairs; however, further adaptions would be made if necessary.

The Key Person and nursery SENCO will if required, purchase appropriate resources to support your child's learning and development linked to the child's education next steps and targets on their SEN support plans    

Last updated on 20/09/2021
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