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Services for Children with Learning and Cognition Difficulties

Learning and cognition

Example areas of our work

We provide specific learning difficulty assessment (dyslexia, literacy, numeracy based); cognitive functioning and ability assessment (standardised); dynamic assessment of the child or young person's learning. We also provide information about how children learn.

Individual level work

  • Specific learning difficulty assessment (eg dyslexia assessment, literacy/numeracy based assessment)
  • Cognitive functioning and ability assessment (standardised)
  • Dynamic assessment of child/young person learning. Providing information regarding how a child learns
  • Observational based assessment of learning capacity
  • Specific memory based assessment
  • Individual sessions to enhance pupil motivation, engagement, information retention, efficacy and esteem
  • Individual play based learning assessment
  • Exam concessions

Group level work

  • Thinking skills group sessions (3 or 6 sessions)
  • Improving memory and concentration groups (3 or 6 sessions)
  • Enhancing motivation groups (3 or 6 sessions)
  • Enhancing self-esteem and self-efficacy in relation to learning and engaging in work (group sessions)
  • Team building and collaborative learning group

Organisational and strategic work

*1 hour twilight, ½ day or full day training in the following areas:

Approaches to teaching and learning for:

  • gifted and talented pupils
  • pupils experiencing severe learning difficulties
  • pupils experiencing moderate learning difficulties
  • looked after children
  • pupils experiencing acquired brain injury
  • pupils experiencing numeracy and/or literacy difficulties
  • dyslexia
  • classroom differentiation
  • precision teaching
  • memory
  • enhancing student motivation

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