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Northern College

The Northern College is a residential college dedicated to the education and training of men and women who are without formal qualifications and who are seeking to return to learning. It also offers training for those who are active in the community and voluntary groups as well as in trade unions.

Northern College is committed to equal opportunities for all, and offers an outstanding learning environment in a residential setting, with a high level of support which enables students to make maximum use of their time and the facilities available.

It has a national reputation for excellence and has been judged Outstanding by OfSTED.

Northen College is small, but have over 6,000 student registrations a year. People come from many different backgrounds. There are men and women of all ages from 19 to 90, often with families and dependants, some single parents accompanied by young children, many familiar with unemployment or part-time, low paid jobs.

But what they nearly all have in common is their determination to secure the education, qualifications and opportunities they have previously been denied. They wish to take control of their lives and change them for the better. Many hope that by doing this they can also help to improve the lives of those around them, by being more effective citizens. Northern College offers a curriculum which starts from where students are, building on the experience of life and work that they bring with them, providing opportunities to acquire the new knowledge, skills and fresh understanding that are so important if people are to meet the demands made upon them.

The College's educational programmes provide a direct route from basic education through to higher education for those who want it. Whether students wish to learn something new, brush up on things they have forgotten, make a better contribution to a group or organisation to which they belong, or get a degree, the Northern College has something for them. Most of our courses are short, intensive residential courses of 3 to 5 days running both during the week and at weekends. We offer a one year Access to HE course and also have some non-residential provision at college or in partners’ premises.

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Northern College
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Last updated on 24/08/2017
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