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Personal Budgets

Personal Budgets for children and young people with an EHC plan

A personal budget is an amount of money we believe will deliver elements of the provision agreed within an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

There are a number of ways in which a Personal Budget can be managed.  These include:-

  • By you as the child’s parents
  • By the LA, school or college
  • By a third party
  • A combination of all the above

Please note that you do not have to have a personal budget and you or your child will not be disadvantaged by not having a personal budget.

Personal budgets can be requested when agreeing the EHC plan or at any statutory review meeting of an existing EHC plan.

If you choose to request a personal budget the level of the budget and the provision it will fund will be agreed with you.  The outcomes the Personal Budget is expected to support your child to achieve will also be agreed with you.  You will be given an idea of the level of funding that is likely to be required to meet the provision stated in the draft EHC plan.

Personal budgets can be used to fund elements of special educational, health and care provision.

A personal budget may be used for the following provision:-

Special Educational Provision. Please contact the SEN Team on 01226 773966 for further information.

Personal health budget - Continuing Health Care Criteria is applied to determine eligibility for a personalised health budget. The decision support tool (DST) will help with this assessment. For more information please contact an appropriate health officer e.g. health visitor, school nurse, designated clinical officer etc.

Short Breaks – the criteria is based on short breaks eligibility criteria. Please contact your social worker or the Disabled Children’s Team on 01226 774050 for further information.

Following a request for a personal budget based on the EHC plan, the final amouny of funding and the provision to be funded will be made by one of our multi-agency Panels.

The members of the panel include education, health and social care representatives and one of our joint commissioners (who commissions services for children and young people with SEN and disabilities).

The criteria for agreeing the special educational provision element of Personal Budgets are being reviewed and will be published once the review is complete.

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Last updated on 23/09/2019
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