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Sweaty Mama Barnsley : Bring your baby along Fitness Class


Sweaty Mama is a fun and effective way to exercise with your baby!

There is no need to organise childcare you can bring baby along with you.

Sweaty Mama allows you to bond with your baby whilst you workout.

You can wear them in a sling or hold them and use them as a weight to intensify the exercise if you wish. O

ver the course of the sessions you will gradually build up your fitness and strengthen your muscles.

Classes run on a 6 wk continual course allowing you to get to know Mamas and children and but also so you can build up the exercises each week as you get stronger and fitter. Classes last 45 minutes and are a mixture of cardio and resistance tracks.

The classes are really fun and both mamas and children love them. 
Find us on: 

Instagram - @sweatymamabarnsley

Mondays 9.45am - Wilthorpe and Redbrook Community Centre

Tuesday 10am - Silkstone Common Methodist Church

Tuesday 11am - Penistone Leisure Centre

Wednesday 10am - Darton Darby and Joan Club

Wednesday 10am - Cudworth Valley Community Centre

Friday 10am - The Hyde Out Birdwell

Mamilates with Baby - a low impact, Pilates style session focussing on balance, flexibility, rebuilding muscles strength and tone for mamas with babies up to 12 months.
Friday 11.15 - The Hyde Out, Birdwell 

Fun, friendly, female only, child free Bootcamp.
Monday 7pm and Thursday 7.30pm 

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Last updated on 13/09/2021
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