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Chilypep : H.O.M.E. (Help with Our Mental 'Elf')

HOME is the emotional wellbeing hub for young people in Barnsley 

Take a look at what we've been doing lately : 

  • BRV 'bruv' is a group for boys and young men, where you can learn to channel your big emotions into postive activities, meet others and build your confidence and skills. We meet on Mondays, get in touch if you want to refer yourself for this group, either give us a ring or fill out the referral form : HERE
  • Creative Minds Meets on Mondays, 4- 6pm work with Local Artists to channel your thoughts and feelings into beautiful art. If you want to join us you can refer yourself just give us a ring or complete the referal form : HERE
  • Wellbeing Wednesday! This a drop in session, 11-1pm join us for creative activities, and peer support to support your wellbeing. 
  • Feel Good Friday! Come along on Fridays any time bewteen 3 - 6pm, play pool, hang out, grab something to eat. 

Where do I go?

1st Floor YMCA Building, Blucher Street,  S70 1AP.

How do we access the service 

Young people (11 - 25 Years) can drop in any time between 9:30am and 5pm, to see what we are up to. There are also set drop in sessions each week, as above. 

We also accept referals from other services too such as GP, CAMHS, Mental Health, School etc. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Marie Ellis
Last updated on 01/12/2021
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