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Julie Holdsworth

Welcome to Busy Bee's Chilminding. My name is Julie and I live in Mapplewell village. I offer care for children aged from 0 to 11 years. Our local school is Wellgate Primary and this is where I do drop offs and pick ups . I work from 7.00 am until 5.30 pm Mon -Friday.

I have 18 years experience of working with children and I have previously worked in school settings as a Teaching Assistant, Special Educational needs assistant and a Early Years Practitioner .I am qualified to level 6 ( BA HONS ) in Early Years. I have acquired lots of training including Safeguarding, Health & Safety including Fire safety, First Aid etc. I attend regular training to develop my knowledge.  

I offer a home from home environment that is caring & stimulating for your child's enjoyment where they can have fun times & learn new things in a safe and secure environment. I have a dedicated playroom and enclosed outside area. Children have access to all of the ground floor of my home incuding a downstairs bathroom. I provide quality resources for the children that are age appropriate and regularly buy new resources that I know children are interested in. Children have free flow all day and are encouraged to make use of the indoor and outdoor environment. We also go to playgroups, Play areas, parks, farms and on walks.

Each child has a Learning Journal that contains observations and photographs of their play, activities and achievements, these are shared with parents. All parents are asked to complete starting points for a baseline so that I know what the children are already able to do. I encourage parents to send me photographs of what their children are doing at home and their achievements, these are included in the Learning Journals.I keep parents informed of their child's progress and provide feedback on a daily basis  

I offer nursery education, 2 year old funded places, 30 hours funded places for 3 & 4 year olds. I am happy to care for children with additional needs if I have the space and capacity to do so.

   My qualifiactions consist of a NVQ level 3 in Childcare & Education,  Foundation degree in early years, BA ( HONS) in early years education. I constantly update my knowledge by attending training. I am very willing to undertake any training that is necessary to support children whilst in my care. During my career in schools I have worked with children with additional needs for 9 years.I have had the opportunity to work with children with  Autism, Aspergers, Speech & Language delay and children with Behavioral issues. 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Julie Holdsworth

Where to go

Busy Bees Childminding
34 Pye Avenue
South Yorkshire
S75 6AQ

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£4.00 Childminder cost per hour
Discounts for siblings on negotiation


Other notes

I am willing to cater for children with additional needs if able to do so. I am willing to do any training necessary. 

Childcare Information

Age Range

0 years,0 months
11 years,0 months


Immediate vacancies
I have vacancies for 1 child age 5 to 8 and children over 8.

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

School Pickups

Offers pickups
Wellgate Primary
Pick up and Drop off at both School and Nursery

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 

Local Offer


All children have a Learning journal containing observations and photographs. I record all children's achievements through observations, any areas of concern would be highlighted. If parent's have any concerns about their child's learning and development I encourage them to share these with me. I will work with parents to get any support needed by signposting them to the relevant agencies and will work alongside these to help the child as best as i can. To help all children I adapt activities so that they can also take part.

I have experience with working with children with Autismn and worked alongside them in school for many years as well as working with other agencies.

I will attend any training that would be necessary for any children with additional needs.

My home has a front step into the porch and a further 2 steps into my home, the back door has a step into a narrow conservatory therefore, may not be easily accessible for any children using mobility aids such as wheelchairs.

Any parents who wish to see my setting first are always welcome. 

Schools Extended Local Offer Response

How do we offer support to children or young people with a special educational need or disability?

I follow the Early Years Foundation Stage for children . I carry out regular observations & do assessments on children's development. By doing this I will be able to identify any gaps in their development. I work closely with parents and relate informatiom back to them.  

I will enhance my training to care for individual children's needs. I will work closely with parents and other professionals & work with any care plans that are in place. I wll take ratios into consideration regarding the care for individual children. Children under five have a Learning Journal & I encourage parents to write in these themselves, these are available to view all of the time.  

I work closely with the local nursery & have a copy of their planning. I work towards the same topics however, I adapt this. I also observe children and work with their interests. 

I track children's progression by carrying out regular observations. I keep parents informed verbally, by text and send photographs everyday of what their children are doing. I extend children's learning at home by sending home work. Children under 5 are given a Daily Diary , this contains information regarding their child's day.

I offer a home from home environment. Parents are asked to bring their child for visits before they start so that I become familier to them to help them to settle in. Children under 5 have Daily Diaries that are filled in everyday to inform parents of their child's day.I speak to parents everyday , I listen to any concerns and work with parents to work through these. 

I visit the local school daily to drop off and pick up children. Younger children come with me so this helps them to become familiar with the school. When I drop off and pick up at nursery the younger children go inside and play.I write Transition Reports for nurseries and for parents and share my knowledge of the children. I speak to the nursery staff everyday. 

I carry out regular observations and assessmnets  on children this will help me to identify if any additional help is needed. I will also work in partnerships with parents & discuss any additional areas of need and what support needs to be given. 

I speak to parents at drop off and pick up times regarding their children. In addition, I take photographs of children whilst in my care and send these to parents throughout the day. Children under 5 are sent home with a routine care sheet to inform parents of their child's day with me. I have various posters on display  in my porch for parents and try to find out information for parents when asked . I have a good relationship with the staff at Wellgate Primary school and share information with them. I send out monthly news letters and put up our monthly planning to inform parents what we are doing.  All children under 5 have a Learning Journal and these are sent home regularly for parent's to look at . All children  also have a art book that contains their art work that they do with me plus I display children's work in the porch for parent's to look at.. I send questionnaires out to parents to find out any additional information or how I can make my setting better.   

What specialist training, experience and expertise do we have relevant to children with special educational needs and disabilities?

I regularly attend training and I am always willing to attend any training that will help me to care for children's needs. I have worked in primary schools & nurseries for 14 years with children with additional needs.   



Team Teach

Beginners Makaton


I am always willing to undertake further training and refresher courses to update my knowledge .

How accessible is our setting?

I encourage all of the children to take part in activities. We do different topics and we try to visit places of interest .I observe all of the children and buy resources when I can see they are interested in things. I attend regular playgroups &  visit play areas with the younger children. During the holidays I ask the older children what they would like to do. 

I carry out full risk assessments and use appropriate safety equipment to keep children safe from harm.With observing the children they will become familiar to me this will help me to identify their likes / dislikes & interests. I will then provide resources around individual childrens interests or needs at the time. If any additional resources are required I will supply these or borrow them from Families Information Service "Treasure box". I will also speak to parents regarding their children's interests.


Last updated on 23/04/2019
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