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Modern Martial Arts

We are Modern Martial Arts. We are a training facility located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and we teach martial arts to anyone from the age of 3 years. We have specialised classes according to age group and we pride ourselves in our welcoming, friendly, family orientated atmosphere.

We have classes for everyone from our bespoke Little Champions program for 3 – 7 yrs, to classes in Karate and Kickboxing for all ages.

We separate juniors from adults and we even offer Ladies only classes. And if that wasn’t enough, we have classes in pure fitness, designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and overall body strength and tone.

Then on top of that, we have our numerous seminars and workshops, which target current issues and supply knowledge of martial history in general.

With all this in place, we really are a well-rounded martial arts school, with our students best interests at heart. Our instructors train in Okinawa and Tokyo, Japan with some of the highest master ranks in the world, increasing their knowledge and skills for your benefit and bringing home new ideas and techniques, all of which are derived from ancient martial knowledge and indoctrinated in the science of the arts.

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Modern Martial Arts, 14-15 Woodmoor Court
Longfields Road
S71 3HT
Last updated on 24/05/2019
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