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Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

Who we are

The service provides support for education settings and services. The support is for children and young people aged  0-25 years. It is for those who have identified special educational needs and/or disabilities. The team is made up of psychologists, specialist teachers and practitioners. They have experience of working with children, young people and families in a wide range of contexts.

They help education settings and services be more inclusive and understand and meet the needs of children and young people. Their aim is to create positive change for children and young people. They do this through respectful engagement with with children and young people, families, services and education settings.

Barnsley Education Inclusion Services is made up of the 4 teams below.

Educational Child and Community Psychology (ECCP) Service

We are professionally trained psychologists with experience of working with children and young people, schools and families in a wide range of contexts. As Educational Psychologists we have a duty to ensure our practice is compliant with the regulatory body Health & Care Professionals Council.

We apply psychology to strengthen the assess, plan, do, review approach to SEND to further understand needs and reduce any barriers to learning. As Educational Psychologists we work with and through the people who support children and young people every day. This means that the majority of our work is with the adults who know the child and young person best.

You can find more information here.


Social Communication and Interaction (SCI) Service

SCI are a team of professionally trained specialist teachers and practitioners who provide support in schools and Early Years (EY) settings for children who have an identified social communication and interaction need or a diagnosis of autism. 

SCI work is agreed with schools in termly planning meetings with the SENCO

SCI work is agreed with private and voluntary early years settings via half termly Social Communication and Interaction Surgeries

For more information click here

Hearing Support and Vision Support Service

We offer a range of specialised support to meet the needs of children and young people with a vison and/or hearing loss. Our aim is to support families and practitioners to remove barriers to inclusion and enable equal access to the learning environment and curriculum. We support children and young people in preparing for adulthood, promoting self-advocacy, independence and mobility. 

The Hearing Support Service support schools, settings and families to develop

  • Language acquisition.
  •  Language development.
  •  Social and emotional well-being.

The Vision Support Service offer a wide range of bespoke packages dependent on the needs of the child or young person which can include the following

  • Teaching of braille, typing/keyboard skills.
  • Assessment and advice on curriculum requirements.
  • Teaching programmes related to the use of technology.
  • Development of personal care. 
  • Sighted guide training for people working with young people and their families.


Our service is accessed by a referral from health services.

  • NHS Audiology,
  • New-born Hearing Screening programme
  • Ophthalmologist Specialist.

First we do an initial need assessment. Following that an appropriate level of support is offered to settings.

We value our work supporting parents of children with sensory loss and are working with parents/carers in an established parent group called Deaf Friends 

There is a group of parent/carers of children and young people with a range of visual needs called Focus4Vision can support each other on their journey.

Portage and Early Years Area SENCO

The Portage Service works to support families of children with SEND in their home. Portage work with children with SEND, aged 0-4 who are not accessing a 15 hour or more funded place in a setting.  Portage workers work within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework to establish next steps, review progress and support transition into settings. Portage can be accessed via referrals (see website) from health or education professionals. 

The Portage Service review progress and support transition into settings.


The Early Years (EY) Area SENCO works to provide advice to staff in EY settings on the application of the graduated approach within the SEND Code of Practice through the following:

  • EY SEND Inclusion Audit and action planning to identify whole setting strengths and areas for development. 
  • Regular EY SENCO network meetings,
  • EY SENCO training
  • EY SEND Consultation Surgeries for EY practitioners with parents/carers on individual children (Dates and booking details can be found on our website)

Early Years: Learning together at home.

Early Years: Learning Together at home

This booklet has been developed by the Early Years Area SENCo and Portage Team for parent/carers, and practitioners who support parent/carers. The aim of the guidance is to support, recognise and celebrate the parent/carer’s role as their child's primary educator. It offers ‘top tips’ and ‘activity ideas’ to promote development in four areas - relationships, communication, playing together and being active. The booklet is written as a digital document for parents/carers to refer to the sections most relevant to them, with direct links to useful webpages  you can find it in the downloads section of this page. 


Early Years and Primary and Secondary and Post-16 Transition/Re-integration Support Booklet

The Social Communication and Interaction Team have created these booklets in readiness for the wider opening of settings/schools/colleges over the coming weeks.

The Early Years and Primary Transition/Re-Integration Support Booklet is aimed at providing information and strategies to support pupils in the early years, transitioning to a new setting or moving from one class to another. There is a link to a great piece of FREE online training in the resources and links section.

The Secondary and Post-16 Transition/Re-integration Support Booklet is aimed at providing information and strategies to support Y6-Y7 and Y11-Post-16 transitions, as well as supporting re-integration to school/college for all Y6, secondary and Post-16 students.

Both booklets are available in the download section.

Our rationale behind the booklets are to provide a resource that staff can dip in and out of, in order to support pupils.

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