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Youth Voice

With the current health crisis meaning we are all having to self distance or self isolate it is difficult to keep in touch. Keep an eye on the Youth voice page for announcements on the SEND Forum that might be arranged over the next few weeks.

SEND Youth Forums

The SEND youth forum is a group of young people aged between 11 and 25 who experience Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

There are currently 14 young people aged between 14 and 24 who attend the sessions, as well as working on SEND specific topics the forum work jointly with their fellow Youth Council and Care4us members.

With support from the Youth Voice and Participation team the young people have the opportunity to have their say and make positive changes to services that affect them.

They are also able to make to make friends, take part in fun activities and learn important life skills supporting them to reach their potential become independent and prepared for adulthood.

The SEND youth forum at the moment are currently meeting online via Microsoft every Tuesday at 5.00pm-6.30pm


What are we doing at the moment ?

  1. Preparing for some fact finding sessions over the summer
  2. Supporting the promotion of the local offer
  3. Working on campaigns including: Mental health, Transport, community safety , protecting the environment 4TS project , hate crime and discrimination
  4. Continuous work with South Yorkshire Police IAG (Independent youth advisory group)
  5. Supporting the promotion of Autism and or Learning Disability awareness cards.
  6. Continuous work with decision makers to improve things that matter to us
  7. Regular regional meetings with Yorkshire SEND Alliance     


Eligibility criteria

Any young person with additional needs can join aged between 11 and 25.




How can we can involved ? 

If you are interested in taking part please contact

Or give the SEND Coordinator a ring on 07385417427


We  also have our own have our Webpage 

Youth Forum Logo

Greenacre Speak up club

If you are a student at Greenacre aged 11+ come along to the Speak Up Club and have your say on issues that are important to young people in Greenacre School. Speak to Tiff in school if you want more information, or just come along and see us! To download a copy of our latest Fler look in the downloads section.

Current Youth Forum Activity

The SEND Youth Forum had another virtual meeting last night. We are all staying home and staying safe, and want to help others to do the same.
We are putting together a pack of games and activities that we can do online with our friends and family and would love for you to help us by sharing your ideas with us.
When we have put it together we will share it with everyone so we can all have fun with with our friends and family, and keep safe at the same time!

For more information about how to get involved with the SEND Youth Forum contact Kim Smith  by email on


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