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Summer Holiday Clubs and Activities

Find out what's going on across the Barnsley area, throughout the six week holiday. 

In this section you will find:

  • Ofsted registered out of school care 
  • Community events and activities 
  • Online and digital content to entertain the whole family.

You can view the latest Covid-19 guidance for parents and carers accessing holiday clubs by clicking here

Remember to keep checking back to this page, as we update with new and exciting content.

OFSTED Registered Holiday Clubs

Primary Sports Coaching : Summer Club

This club has now ended - We had a such great time!

Hope to see you again in October! 

What is it?

Multisports holiday club suitable for school aged children. 

Where is it?

Ward Green Primary School, Barnsley 

When is it?

Starts Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd July, 10am - 3pm 

How much is it?

£10 per day or £35 for all 4 days 

What should I bring?

Children must bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water. Due to the current situation places are LIMITED to 30 children in bubbles of 15. Siblings will be kept together. 

How do I book?

Contact Chris @ Primary Sports Coaching on 07842069109

Summer Music Clubs at the Civic : Barnsley Music Service



The Summer Music clubs cover all the different instrument families and are ideal for children with little or no experience. Instruments and equipment will be provided and led by music service tutors, the cost of each half day session is only £10.

There is also the chance to sign up to a Music Theory booster session, which will be really useful for pupils studying for graded music exams.


First 2 weeks in August - more information to follow 


The Civic, Hanson Street Bransley 

How Much is it? 

£10 per half day session 

Who do I contact?

For more details please call 01226 291525

How do I book? 

email for a booking form. 

What's happening in our Family Centres over the Summer?

This section will be updated each week; You can find the full Family Centre programme on our Facebook Page or by clicking here. 

Please call the Family Centre to book your place. All activities this summer are completely FREE of Charge. 

Virtual groups will take place on Microsoft Teams, all you need is access to the internet and an email address, call us for an invite. 

Week 1 

Monday 20th July

  • Lundwood Virtual Baby Massage  (01226 296969) 9:30AM & 10:45AM 
  • Lundwood Picnic in The Park  (01226 296969) 1:30PM & 2:45pm
  • Central Family Walk and Scavenger Hunt - Meet @ Worsbrough Mill Car Park (01226 294604) FULLY BOOKED
  • Darfield Outdoor Learning in Wombwell Woods (01226 753366) 1PM
  • Central Virtual  Design & Create a Board Game (01226 294604)
  • Central Virtual Big Build (01226 294604) 10AM 
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Virtual Baby Group @ 11am 

Tuesday 21st July

  • Grimethorpe Family Centre Nature Walk (01226 774030) 10:00AM & 11:15AM
  • Athersley Family Centre Picnic & Walk (01226 296969) 9:30AM & 11AM
  • Royston Virtual Playgroup (01226 296969) 1PM
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Virtual Baby Group (01709 890303) 11AM

Wednesday 22nd July

  • Grimethorpe Virtual Baby Massage (01226 774030) 10am & 11:15am
  • Lundwood Den Building  (01226 296969) 9:30am & 10:45am
  • Grimethorpe Bug Hunt (01226 774030) 12:30pm & 2pm
  • Darfield Families Fun Elsecar Park (01226 753366) 10am & 11:30am

Thursday 23rd July

  • Lundwood Sports Day (01226 296969) 9:30am & 10:45am
  • Athersley Virtual Playgroup (01226 296969) 
  • Athersley Den Building (01226 296969) 1pm & 2:30pm 
  • Central Virtual Competition - Design a game send in your entries before 14th August (01226 294604)
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family Fun @ Pheonix Park (01709 890303)

Friday 24th July

  • Athersley Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) 9:30am & 11:00am
  • Grimethorpe Treasure Hunt (01226 774030) 12:30pm & 2pm 
  • Central Virtual Big Build Week 1 (01226 294604)
  • South & Penistone Story in the Park @ Oxspring Park (01226 753366) 10am

Week 2 

Monday 27th July

  • Lundwood Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) 9:30 & 10:45am 
  • Lundwood Virtual Sensory (01226 296969) 1:30pm & 2:45pm
  • Darfield Outdoor Learning @ Wombwell Woods (01226 753366)1pm & 2:30pm 
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Gardening Club & Picnic (Over 8's) (01709 890303) 10:30am
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Buggy Talk & a Walk @ Phoenix Park (01709 890303) 1pm

Tuesday 28th July

  • Lundwood Nature Walk, exploring wildlife (01226 296969) 9:30 & 10:45am 
  • Grimethorpe fun with paint  (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm 
  • Athersley Nature Scavenger Hunt  (01226 296969) 1:00 & 2:30pm
  • Darfield Teddy Bears Picnic @ Elsecar Park (01226 753366) 11:30am
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Virtual Baby Group (01709 890303) 11am

Wednesday 29th July

  • Grimethorpe Virtual Massage (01226 774030) 10:00 & 11:15am
  • Athersley Picnic & Games (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am
  • Grimethorpe Gardening & Planting (01226 296969) 12:20 & 2pm 
  • Darfield Families fun @ Elsecar Park (01226 753366) 10am & 11:30am 

Thursday 30th July

  • Lundwood Picnic & Games (01226 296969) 9:30 & 10:45 
  • Athersley Virtual Playgroup  (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am 
  • Grimethorpe craft workshop (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm 
  • Central Taste the FruitY Rainbow (01226 294604) FULLY BOOKED
  • Darfield Outdoor Cooking (01226 753366) 11:30am
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family Fun @ Pheonix Park (01709 890303) 1pm & 2:30pm

Friday 31st July

  • Athersley Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) (time tbc)
  • Athersley Pebble Painting & Plant pot painting  (01226 296969) 1pm & 2:30pm
  • Cenetral Virtual Big Build Week 2 (01226 294604) 10AM
  • Penistone Buggy Walk (01226 753366) 10am
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Outdoor Cooking @ Dearne Family Centre (01709 890303) 11:00am

Week 3 

Monday 3rd August 

  • Lundwood virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am
  • Athersley Pond Dipping (01226 296969) 1pm & 2:30pm 
  • Darfield Outdoor Learning @ Wombwell Woods (01226 753366) 1pm & 2:30pm
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family Centre gerdening club (Over 8's) (01709 890303) 10:30am

Tuesday 4th August 

  • Lundwood Scavenger Hunt (01226 296969) 9:30 & 10:45
  • Royston Virtual Playgroup (01226 296969) time tbc
  • Central Family Walk & Teddy Bears Picnic @ Locke Park 10am (01226 294604) FULLY BOOKED
  • Darfiled Treasure Hunt @ Jump Park (01226 753366) 10am 
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Virtual Baby group 01709 890303) 11am

Wednesday 5th August 

  • Grimethorpe Virtual Baby Massage (01226 774030) 10:00am - 11:15am 
  • Grimethorpe Science Experiments (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm
  • Royston Sensory Play PM
  • Darfield Families Fun @ Elsecar Park (01226 753366) 10am & 11:30am
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Outdoor Learning @ Pheonix Park (01709 890303) 10am

Thursday 6th August 

  • Athersley big tidy up local environment day (01226 296969) 9:30am & 11am 
  • Grimethorpe Nature Art (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm 
  • Darfield Teddy Bears Picnic @ Jump Park (01226 753366) 
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family fun @ Phoenix Park (01709 890303) 2:30pm 

Friday 7th August 

  • Athersley Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am 
  • Central Virtual Big Build Week 3 10am (01226 294604)
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Outdoor Cooking @ Dearne Family Centre (01709 890303) 11am 

Week 4 

Monday 10th August

  • Lundwood Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) 9:30 & 10:45am 
  • Lundwood Virtual Sensory Group (01226 296969) 1:30 & 2:45pm
  • Central Virtual Fun & Games (01226 294604) 10am LIMITED PLACES LEFT
  • Darfield Outdoor learning @ Wombwell Woods (01226 753366) 1pm & 2:30pm
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family Centre gerdening club (Over 8's) (01709 890303) 10:30am

Tuesday 11th August

  • Grimethorpe Rock Decorating (01226 774030) 10am & 11:15am
  • Athersley Picnic and sports (01226 296969) 1 & 2:30pm 
  • Central Make & Create 01226 294604) 10am FULLY BOOKED
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Virtual Baby Group 01709 890303) 11am

Wednesday 12th August 

  • Grimethorpe Virtual Baby Massage (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm 
  • Lundwood Fun with Paint (01226 296969)  1:30 & 2:45
  • Darfiled Families Fun @ Elsecar Park (01226 753366) 10am & 11:30am 
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Outdoor Learning @ Phoenix Park (01709 890303) 10am

Thursday 13th August

  • Athersley Sports Day (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am
  • Grimethorpe Junk Modelling (01226 774030) 10am & 11:15
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family fun @ Phoenix Park (01709 890303) 1pm & 2:30pm 

Friday 14th August 

  • Athersley Virtual Baby Group (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am 
  • Grimethorpe Picnic & Storytelling (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm 
  • Central Virtual Big Build week 4 (01226 294604) 10am LIMITED PLACES LEFT
  • Darfield Bugggy walk (01226 753366) 10am 
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Outood cooking @ Dearne Family centre (01709 890303) 11am

Week 5 

Monday 17th August 

  • Lundwood Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969)  9:30 & 11am
  • Lundwood Rock Decorating and hiding (01226 296969)  1:30 & 2:45pm 
  • Athersley Junk Modelling (01226 296969) 1pm & 2:30pm
  • Central Forest School (01226 294604) 10am FULLY BOOKED
  • Darfield Story in the park @ Jump Park (01226 753366) 11:30am
  • Thurnscoe Family Centre gerdening club (Over 8's) (01709 890303) 10:30am

Tuesday 18th August

  • Lundwood natural crafts session (01226 296969) 9:30 & 10:45am
  • Grimethorpe Make and take playdoh (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm 
  • Royston Virtual Playgroup (01226 296969) time tbc
  • Darfield Outdoor Cooking (01226 753366) 11:30am
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Virtual baby Group (01709 890303) 11am 

Wednesday 19th August

  • Grimethorpe Virtual baby massage (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm 
  • Lundwood making bird feeders and bug hotels (01226 296969)  1:30pm & 2:45
  • Athersley Make your own dreamcatcher (01226 296969) 1pm & 2:30pm
  • Darfield Families Fun @ Elsecar Park (01226 753366) 10am & 11:30am
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Outdoor learning @ Phoenix Park (01709 890303) 10am

Thursday 20th August

  • Athersley Sports Day (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am  
  • Grimethorpe Junk modelling (01226 774030) 12:30 & 2pm
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family fun @ Phoenix Park (01709 890303) 1pm & 2:30pm 

Friday 21st August

  • Athersley Virtual Baby massage (01226 296969) 9:30 & 11am
  • Grimethorpe Picnic & Storytelling (01226 774030) 10:00 & 11:15am 
  • Central Virtual Big Build 01226 294604) 10AM 
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Crafting & Making @ Dearne Family Centre (01709 890303) 

Week 6 

Monday 24th August 

  • Lundwood Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) 9:30 & 10;45
  • Lundwood Virtual Sensory Group (01226 296969)  1:30 & 2:45
  • Thurnscoe Family Centre gerdening club (Over 8's) (01709 890303) 10:30am

Tuesday 25th August

  • Grimethorpe Forest School (01226 774030) 10am & 11:15
  • Athersley Make and Take Playdoh (01226 296969) 1pm & 2:30pm
  • Lundwood Make & Take playdoh (01226 296969) 1:30 & 2:45pm 
  • Central Sports in the Park @ Bank End Park (01226 294604) 1PM
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Virtual Baby Group (01709 890303) 11am

Wednesday 26th August

  • Grimethorpe Virtual baby massage (01226 774030) 10am & 11:15am
  • Lundwood back to school crafts (01226 296969) 1:30pm & 2:45pm 
  • Darfiled Families Fun @ Elsecar Park 01226 753366) 10am & 11:30am 

Thursday 27th August

  • Grimethorpe games and a picnic (01226 774030) 10am & 11:15am 
  • Athersley Virtual playgroup (01226 296969) 9:30am & 11am 
  • Athersley Back to school crafts (01226 296969) 1pm & 2:30pm 
  • Central Virtual Cook & Eat (01226 294604) 10AM
  • Dearne & Thurnscoe Family fun @ Phoenix Park (01709 890303) 1pm & 2:30pm 

Friday 28th August

  • Athersley Virtual Baby Massage (01226 296969) 9:30am & 11am 

Barnsley Libraries : Online Summer Fun

Barnsley Libraries : Online Summer Fun

We're pleased that as part of government plans we're looking at reopening our libraries.

But for now, our summer activities are taking place online. 


  • Monday’s story and rhyme time is currently supported by Creative Minds,  special guests to read story times and focus on books / themes to support mental health. Each monday at 11am live on our Facebook Page. 


  • The Code Club now has a Facebook group, with videos and activities to follow at home. Join the group by clicking here: Barnsley Libraries Code Club 


  • On Wellbeing Wednesday we share information and activities to help with your wellbeing - Check out the hashtag #wellbeingwednesday on our page for more info from public health and local 


  • We share creative ideas with you on Thursdays, from step by step how to crochet videos, to making your own coat of arms - take a look at our recent videos on our facebook page - You can search YouTube 


  • The lego club is a different lego challenge each week, make your masterpicee and share a photo with us for a chance to be featured on our page. 

Find out about the full activity programme by following us on social media:

Summer Reading Challenege 

Our Summer Reading Challenge is well on the way, and the silly squad are bringing a tonne of excitement, laughter and fun to reading this summer, have you joined in yet? 

Sign up here:

Barnsley Museums : Summer Staycation

Barnsley Museums have put together a program of online virtual days out to be enjoyed at home, join in the fun by following Barnsley Museums on Facebook

Have a look at the week by week guide below:

Week 1 

Friday 24 July

Cooper Gallery

Put your heart into art Create your gallery on our virtual experience day - Pick up a paintbrush and become an artist for a day. Get creative as you make masterpiece after masterpiece!

Week 2 

Friday 31 July

Experience Barnsley Museum 

Red's Football Fever 

Let’s celebrate our favourite football team with a day of virtual football fun – a must for all Barnsley fans. We have everything from tricks and teckers to games and gaming!

Week 3 

Thursday 6 August

Worsbrough Mill & Country Park 

A walk on the wild side Nature Day (from the comfort of your home) –  Enjoy the wonder of wildlife from your very own home with a day of discovery dedicated to nature. It will be a day of fun taking you from day to night! 

Also this week...

Friday 7 August – 21 August

Elsecar Heritage Center 

Solve it Yourself The Mystery of the Whirly Gig!

A dastardly deed has taken place in Elsecar and we need your help to solve it! A team of young sleuths are on hand to help you solve the virtual mystery…

Week 4 

Friday 14 August

Cannon Hall Museum 

Glorious Georgians A virtual day in the life of a Georgian child 

Travel back in time to days of Georgian splendour… With no screens, technology or tablets how did children spend their days?

Week 5 

Friday 21 August

Elsecar Heritage Centre 

Elsecar by the Sea Enjoy a virtual day at the seaside -  Enjoy all the fun of the seaside from the comfort of your home in this centuries old Elsecar tradition. There will be lots to enjoy marking the end of the summer fun.

Fusion Online Family Holiday Camp


LIVE weekly activity challenges exploring arts, craft, drama, dance, outdoor activities & loads more Suitable for children aged 4 to 11 years old


Join in on Monday 3rd, 10th & 17th August 11-12pm with activities to keep you busy through the week!

How do I book?

Book your FREE place now!


@FUSIONBCEP or contact

Find out more by clicking here: Fusion Creative

Online Family Disco from the CopyCat Party Company!


Online Family Disco from the CopyCat Party Company!

Join party host Laura for our FREE online discos! Request tracks, have shout outs and play fun online games!

Grown ups can join in the fun too! 


Saturday 25th July from 11am


Anywhere that you can log on - this is a Virtual event!

How much 


Please note: we will share a donate link which all monies donated will go towards our business paying our team to provide these fab online experiences! 

How do I join?

Just follow our facebook events page here: 

Move More This Summer : From Beat the Street

Move More This Summer : From Beat the Street

Our Summer Challenge

Our Summer Challenge booklet is free for families to download and print at home. It’s full of free, fun activities to keep your family moving throughout the summer.

The booklet includes an adventurer’s checklist, playing backyard basketball or learning a new game from your family member’s childhood and many more exciting challenges. Kids are encouraged to complete acts of kindness while they’re being active and to write down how they feel when they’re moving their body more.

Follow the link below to download your booklet:

Reds In the Community : Online Sports Day

Join Toby Tyke in our Online Sports Day 

How many star jumps can you do? 

Follow Reds in The Community on Facebook for more 

Family Fun : Weekly Challenges

Look out for more Family Fun Activities coming soon!

Families must have a child aged 5-11 years.  All other family Members are welcome to join in.

Dearne & Thurnscoe

The Family Fun Programme for Dearne & Thurnscoe is now Fully Booked - but if you are intrested in joining in with the next group which starts in September, you can contact Marie on 01226775885 for more information.


The Central Family Fun Programme meets every Wednesday at Lock Park car park 1-2pm.

The Family Fun programme can either be completed by

  • One session at home and one session at Lock park each week or if you are shielding;
  • you can complete this whole programme at home with your family and we will send you out a pack of how to carry out each session.

To book on please contact us on 01226 294604 Or send a message to the Central Family Centre Team on Facebook

North/North East

The North North East Family Fun Program is taking place online, you can find out how to get involved with the next lot of sessions by contacting Cally on 07702961220

Out & About with Targeted Youth Support

Our Detached Youth Team are back out on the streets this summer!

Targeted Youth Support will:

  • Signpost young people to relevant support agencies 
  • Check on young people's wellbeing
  • Promote Public Health messages
  • Advise about social distancing
  • Supply face masks and hand sanitizer if needed

Week Commencing 20th July we will be: 

Monday: Mapplewell / Athersley 7-9pm 

Dearne - 7-9pm

Central - 7- 9pm 

Lundwood / Cudworth 7-9pm 


Penistone /Silkstone 7-9pm

Old Town/ Darton 7-9pm

Hoyland 7-9pm

Smithies / Monk Bretton 7-9pm


Grimethorpe/ Shafton 7-9pm

Wombwell /Darfield 7-9pm

Central 7-9pm

Penistone 7-9pm


B/W - 7-9pm

Dearne 7-9pm


To see more of what we are doing in the community please follow us on Facebook 

Chol Theatre & Arts Company : Online Activities

The Chol Theatre & Arts company has an action packed website with an amazing Chol @ Home section Which incudes:

  • Red & Rufus This is a four part story that will be released weekly so make sure you check back in for the next installment Week 1

In this week’s animation you will meet Red and Rufus. Rufus is a hedgehog a ‘laid back Larry’ with a heart of gold. Red is a Robin, you can always rely on Red to provide the morning entertainment in the roost.

Click here to watch the first episode : Red & Rufus

  • Make your own Cabinet of Curisoties. A Cabinet of Curiosities is a collection of strange or interesting objects that have been put on display together. This can be on a shelf, in a room or as the name suggests, in a cabinet. 

Click here to read about how to make your own: Cabinet of Curiosities 

  • Drama Games at Home here you can find a list of drama games that you can try, no matter how many people you are with. There are activities for 2, 3, 5 or more. And even some to try on your own. Have fun!

Click here for some drama game inspiration: Drama Games

  • Try out Stretch and a Story the perfect start to the day

Click here to try Stretch & a Story: Stretch & a Story 

If you like what you see here, don't forget to follow us on Facebook too 

Grimethorpe Activity Zone - (GAZ) Youth Club

We are a Youth Club open to young people aged 8 - 16 years; based in The Acorn Centre right in the heart of Grimethorpe.

Grimethorpe Activity Zone (GAZ) provides a safe and supervised place for young people to come along and get help with homework, relax and socialise with friends, and take part in seasonal activities.

We hold our group on Wednesday and Thursday between 3.30 til 5.30pm, throughout the year - even in the school holidays.

We provide snacks and light refreshments during our session, and hold regular fundraising activities locally to support this.

We would love to have you visit soon.

Check out our Facebook page: 

OCA : Open College of Arts Online Workshops

Stay Inspired with OCA Creative Challenges 

Join the Open College of the Arts for a series of Family Friendly Workshops to reignite your creative passion developed with distance learning in mind 

Workshops include: 

  • Stop-motion animation 
  • Making poseable dolls 
  • Storytelling 
  • Minature making 
  • Sculpting 
  • Embroidary and more... 

Visit to join in with our creative challenges and follow us on facebook for more information on our Live workshops. 

Healthy Holidays Summer Programme

Healthy Holidays Summer Programme is  for families who live in Worsbrough, Kingstone, Dodworth, Stairfoot or Central.

Learning how to cook is a life skill, one that all adults and children should learn. 

We want to help you discover the joys of cooking - and teach people about the benefits of a healthy diet. 

We will be sharing recipe cards online, which will help you cook family friendly meals as well as LIVE streaming a cooking demonstation every Wednesday on our Facebook Page. 

We would love to see you join in get cooking and share photos with us of your finished meals. 

If you share your pictures with us you will be entered into a weekly prize draw to win various cooking related items. 

If you need help accessing ingredients contact please contact the central team for more information on 01226 774883 or email

Cawthorne Cricket Club : Holiday Club 2020

A Summer club for kids who want to go wild. 

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday throughout the six week holiday

to find out more and reserve a place please email 

Calypso Cove @ Barnsley Metrodome


Calypso Cove is home to fantastic flumes, sensational slides and wonderful waves - making it a great day out for the whole family!

Splash your way through the slides, flumes and pools before retreating to The Hideout on poolside to refuel and relax with some hearty grog ‘n’ grub!


Calypso cove reopens from Monday 27th of July.


Barnsley Metrodome, Queens Road, Barnsley

How much is it?

Family Tickets are £25

How do I book?

Tickets are now Live!

You can now book for your next visit to the cove & our brand new food bundles here:

We can't wait to welcome you all back soon!

Nova City Holiday Club


Nova city Holiday Clubs are BACK 


25th July - 30th August 

Monday - Saturday 10am - 10:45am (toddler session) 

Monday - Saturday 11am - 7pm 

How much 

£10 per person 

How do I book 

Book your space at 

Nova City Trampoline Park


Nova City Trampoline Park is reopening with reduced numbers, 

  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided on entrance and exit
  • Regular Cleaning will take place before and after classes
  • Face Masks can be worn if you feel it is safe to do so
  • Temperature Checks on Entrance


Reopens July 25th

Social distancing measures now means limited spaces are available


Peel Parade, Barnsley, S70 2RL

How do I book

Please sign up to our new booking system to secure your space


Unity 8-14’s Project - Summer Fun Allotment Sessions

Every Thursday of the summer holidays starting Thursday 30th of July, then - 6th / 13th / 20th / 27th August.

2 sessions each day: Session 1: 11am-1pm - Session 2: 2pm-4pm

PLACES ARE LIMITED and initially offered to the children and young people who attend our 8-14 project clubs-

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU BOOK via any of the following:

Message us on Facebook -

email or

text 07305 599076


NB: All government guidelines relating to Covid 19 will be strictly adhered to. If you have any concerns or questions, please talk to a member of our staff

Get Lost in the Maize Maze @ Cawthorne


The Maize Maze at Cawthorne is BACK for 2020 

We have designed a new puzzle with social distancing in  mind. 

There are many more regular open spaces in the maze so visitors can pass each other safely and maintain social distancing.  

There is still plenty of  fun to be had getting lost and finding hidden quiz answers within the maze. 

In the games field we have plenty of space for families to picnic, relax and play. 

We will have our daily BBQ offering homemade burgers and our ice cream cart will be out with our own freshly home-made Maizie Moo Ice-cream.  

All we need now is for the lovely weather we had in the spring to return!!


Jowett House Farm, Cawthorne, Barnsley, S75 4AS


Open daily from 18th July   10.30am - 6pm

Last Entry   4.30pm

How much 

Family Tickets (2 Adults 2 Children) or (1 Adult 3 Children) £24.00

Adults £6.95 

Children & NHS workers £6.00 

Under 2's FREE 

You can even bring the dog - just keep them on a lead and don't forget your poop bags!

How do I book 

No need to book, just pop along on the day - please call us to check we are open as we are so weather dependant 

West End Zoom Workshop with Stagecoach Performing Arts


We would like to welcome Natalie as our visiting Dance Coach for our next block of zoom starting Saturday.

Places are £42.00 for the three week block!

To book you place visit


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