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Families Information Service (FIS): Support for Families and Young People with SEND

FIS is part of BMBC. It provides information and support with accessing childcare and information to families and Young people with SEND


How we provide information to families and Young people with SEND

The Local Offer

We provide information through the Local Offer Website.

It is run by the FIS Officer for Disabled Children & Young People.

They source new information from services to add to the Local Offer

They make sure the information on the Local Offer is accurate and up to date

They make sure the information on the Local Offer is useful to parents and young people

Barnsley SEND Local Offer Facebook page

The Local Offer Facebook page has information on:

  • Changes to the Local Offer.
  • BMBC updates,
  • New services,
  • Other information that is useful to families.

It is a way for families to communicate with us and get feedback.

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Online Monthly Newsletter

If you are signed up to our mailing list you will receive the ‘What’s New on the Local Offer’ by email. This is a great way of letting families know what has changed on the Local Offer. You can find past editions of the newsletter here

To sign up to the monthly newsletter simply send your email to with the Subject: SEND Mailing list.

Monthly Multi Agency Information Drop In

The session is for parents to come along and to talk to key SEND services. They can also sign up to the DCR Disabled Childrens Register.


We are always looking for new services to attend you will find details of the drop in on here or through our Facebook page.


The Information and Involvement Officer ( Disabled Children and Young People)

The Local Offer in person . Our role is to share information with families so families know :


What services are available to them and how to contact services

What groups, activities and events are happening and when

Information that is valuable to families


We do not have a caseload or work on a 1:1 basis with families but we can signpost you to Early Help services for individual help

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